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Hot Mind Controlled Bride in a story that’s FREE until Wednesday!

Now out and FREE for all of you through Wednesday, August 14th is my latest story— “A Special Present for the Bride.

There’s something so intensely erotic about brides, I feel. They’re all wrapped up in white to show how pure they are, and on top of that, they’re about to be given away for life to one man (or woman, perhaps), forever! That level of exclusivity is bound to get the blood pumping.

What’s more is they’ve spent all day making sure they look as good as they ever have in their entire life. This is the happiest, most smiling-est day that they’re bound to have for a long while. How is a person supposed to stop themselves from wanting to fuck a woman like that who is so completely enraptured with having the perfect day? Certainly everyone thinks that most other people’s days could be better with some more sex.

Well, the mind controller in this story, Vincent, can’t stop himself. His cock is just pure, potent magic, and can bend wills like so many straws. And pretty soon, the gorgeous Marissa isn’t able to stop herself either, and neither is her best friend who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If that sounds like a good time to you, make sure to check out “A Special Present for the Bride” today!


 Here’s the official blurb:

Marissa’s big day is today—she’s finally getting married to the man of her dreams! She loves everything about her husband-to-be…except for his weirdo brother, Vincent. Vincent is a giant nerd, always getting in the way and, as far as Marissa is concerned, is probably destined to be a virgin forever.

But then Vincent arrives in her dressing room and immediately drops his pants. Marissa would have been disgusted, normally, but instead she cannot turn away. Vincent’s cock is…mesmerizing. When she looks at it, her entire brain starts to rearrange to become what Vincent wants. Can Marissa get away before Vincent uses his special member on her?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~5000 words) contains the story of what happens when one lonely nerd has a cock that makes women do whatever he wants–and what he wants includes blowjobs, sex with two girls at once, and leaving hot impregnating creampies in every hot babe he comes across!


Vincent pushed her down, grip staying tight on her throat, until she was on her knees right in front of his cock. Marissa couldn’t believe it. She was in her wedding dress! This was her special day! How could he do this? How could he…could he…

How could have such an enormous, rock hard cock? Wasn’t it soft just a second ago?

Oh god. It was a fucking giant! Its veins bulged on the thick shaft.

“My cock is special now.” He ran a hand through her luxurious hair, taking his time. “I’m going to show you just how special. I already showed the doctor at the doctor’s office, and the three girls living across the street. They were like you. They didn’t believe me. But then they got to look at my cock for a while. They started to understand. I wonder how long it takes. Are you understanding, Marissa? Are you getting it yet?”

Marissa squirmed on her knees. Even though she hated what was going on, she had to admit there was something…something special about Vincent’s cock. Light bent around it, somehow, and every time she tried to focus on it, her consciousness shifted sideways to some empty, vacant little place.

It was so nice to think about nothing at all. The wedding put so many stresses on her body, her mind. Wasn’t it good just to relax a little bit and have nothing happening in her head?

Well, yes, but…n-no! No! His fucking hand was around her neck! Her life was in mortal danger!

And…and…well, wasn’t that sort of hot? That he was just controlling her like that And isn’t that cock so fucking big and sexy and deserving of praise?

“Do you see it, Marissa? Do you see it, you little slut?”

She was salivating with his cock right there in front of her. Why was she salivating? Was it because the cock looked incredibly fucking tasty?

She had never even sucked a cock before. It was demeaning. It was unclean. She would never do it for Warren—they had agreed. It was only on very special occasions, when he really deserved it, like his birthday or maybe if he got a promotion or gave her some one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry…

New Release!–“Mesmerizing the Bride”

Out today for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, “Mesmerizing the Bride.” It’s the third installment in the “Magical Mesmerism” series I’ve been working on as of late, and is a STANDALONE title, so you do not need to have have read “Mesmerizing The Best Friend” (found at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords) or “Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders” (found at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords), though obviously I think your experience would be enhanced if you did.

I try not to gush over my own work, and I think everything I release has to meet a fairly high standard of quality in the first place (my own standard first, and then of course the standard all of you wonderful people who decide to buy my stories, who I am SO grateful for). But, I think this story is really something incredibly hot. I’ve sprinkled some very personal domestication fantasies throughout, which are the type of thing that make me hotter than almost anything else, and I feel like the induction and happily-ever-after love scene are really, really steamy.

On top of that, I’m just super impressed with the work of my cover designer. That cover is simple, glamorous, and wonderfully effective. I just love everything about that it. I also love how it does a great job of communicating the fact that the bride is wealthy, and who doesn’t love seeing hot, wealthy, virgin babes put on their knees to serve their lucky new Master?

If that sounds like your cup of tea, make sure to check out “Mesmerizing the Bride,” out right wonderfully now at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords! It’s beginning to near the end of the month, so make sure also to sign up for my Monthly Newsletter, which is delivered on the first of every month, for your guarantee of perpetually different free stories and EXCLUSIVE discounts not available anywhere else!

Here’s the official blurb:

Paige feels trapped. Heartstoppingly beautiful, she is trapped in a marriage that she doesn’t want. What she does want is a Master dominating her every thought and action, but her husband-to-be just isn’t him. The amazingly beautiful and thoroughly vain Daniela finds out about Paige’s cold feet and decides to destroy her best friend’s wedding and take the groom for herself, even though she’s the maid of honor. By using a mysterious magical watch, Daniela plans to hypnotize the bride into giving up on marriage altogether. Daniela seduces preeminent nice guy Joey into helping her. But, Joey is ready to finally “finish first” for a change, and he soon takes matters with the magic watch into his own hands. Before long, Paige’s need for a Master will be met, Daniela’s haughty nature will be corrected, and lifelong underdog Joey will have two gorgeous lovedolls aching to obey his every word…

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~11500 words) contains the story of a secret submissive giving in to her true nature after her gorgeous friend hypnotizes her and a lucky underdog guy takes advantage! The bride and maid of honor’s wills are totally conquered with an erotic indoctrination, and the once-arrogant beauties become completely obedient servants, eagerly begging to deliver hot blowjobs, engage in electric three-way sex, and perform blazing hot domestic fantasies!


She had dreams of domestication. Incredibly hot, naughty dreams that she didn’t feel she could share with anyone. They were in her head, all the time, so vibrant and alive that even right there in front of Daniela, as her friend was talking, Paige could see them clearly…

…Master was arriving home from work, and Paige was ready for him, kneeling in the thick shag carpet of the entry way, her wet mouth open.

When her MasterHusband arrived home, he enjoyed a good throatfucking of his best girl. And Paige always wanted to make sure he had what he wanted.

Her elbow-length silk gloves covered her fingers as they dug into the thick material of the carpet. A black garter, lined with white frills, connected to hot lacy stockings decorated with little patterns of roses and stars. Her corset bra only just kept her massive, shiny tits in line, but each time she giggled or shifted her hair—which was a lot—they threatened to pop out of their constraints.

Her hair was enormously long, gathering on the ground all around her in a thick, dark mound. It looked like she was kneeling inside a shiny pool of shadow. Each and every lock was thick, fluffy, and impossibly soft. Sometimes, if she was very lucky, her Husband would cum in her hair but not tell her where, and Paige would be allowed to spend an hour or two searching through the thick strands so she could lick out the thick, hot goo.

For someone that was inside most all of the time, her skin was gloriously tan and shiny, contrasting sharply with the bright, light, Easter greens of her eyes. Paige liked being inside, though. She loved being a kept girl, a slavewife.

She had given up all that stupid college and career stuff. How could that possibly be important when she had a man at home to take care of and adore?…


New Release! — Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders

God, cheerleaders are just so sexy, aren’t they? Hopping around with their tight, gorgeous young bodies, wearing such tiny skirts and tops. Their whole purpose is to look good, and distract people from severely masculine activities, which they do admirably. It’s something that has so much effort and time put into it, and yet at the end of the day most anything people think about them is that they must be really, superbly, totally fun to fuck.

As a former cheerleader, I can certainly attest to the truth of that last bit. I think this story was a little cathartic for me, unleashing some of the hotter thoughts I had buried deep in my mind during that time.

Anyway, this new release “Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders” is the sequel to “Mesmerizing the Best Friend” (which can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords). It features some completely stuck-up beauties being put in their place, and also a secret submissive finally finding someone to dominant her like she needs.

If that appeals to you, make sure to buy “Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders” today at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords! And remember to sign up for my Monthly Newsletter if you’re a fan of exclusive discounts and completely free sexy stories!

Here’s the official blurb:

Chronic loser Daniel is given a magic watch that can completely entrance anyone he chooses. Of course, who he chooses is his longtime crush, Valerie, intelligent and devastatingly beautiful. But now that she’s joined the cheerleading squad, he can only get to her if he entrances all of the hot teen cheerleaders one by one and turns them into his personal loving servants. What he doesn’t know about, of course, is the crush that Valerie has been nursing on Daniel for just as long as he’s had his, and how incredibly sexy Valerie thinks it is that he would break the minds of so many hot girls just to get to her…

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~6700 words) contains the story of one young man’s dominance over a whole cheerleading squad, from the coach on down, completely entrancing the snottiest, snobbiest barely legal girls in town and commanding them to practice their lovemaking skills with each other, in addition to conquering their wills so they happily deliver handjobs, blowjobs, and sex with multiple partners, topped off with the hot willing submission of the most gorgeous babe on the squad!


For the first time, Monica noticed Joanna’s arm movements, her hand pumping underneath the desk. How close she was sitting to Daniel. How she stared at him with complete adoration, unless he motioned with a finger for her attention to be on Monica.

Monica was no stranger to sex. It was an excellent way to control men. She had never gone all the way, of course, but she had given out her fair share of handies and blowjobs. She could only promise them for money and favors so much, after all, without delivering.

Mostly, she didn’t enjoy it. Sex was a means to an end—but she enjoyed that end, power, so very much.

“Joanna, are you…are you giving him a handjob?”

Now caught, Joanna seemed just to speed up her efforts, staring into Daniel’s face

“Of course I am, dear. He deserves it, for working so hard and being so wonderful. Isn’t he wonderful? Say how wonderful he is, Monica. Do it with me. You’ll really enjoy it, I promise. I didn’t think I would at first, but he showed me how wrong I was. He’s so good like that.”

She stroked his hair, kissing his face just a bit. Her eyes full of worshipful zeal, the kind that Monica had only seen in Joanna’s face before when she had been discussing new cheering routines.

“B-but you have a husband! A little girl!”

“Oh, them. I don’t really care about them. Master said I could divorce that fat lout and stick him with the child. At least until she’s old enough for Master to take, just like he took me and he’s going to take you! By that time I’ll probably be too old to fuck him good enough anyway, so I’ll have a perfect replacement on the way already. Isn’t that great?”

“Shut up already,” said Daniel, putting a hand on the back of her head.

Joanna nodded happily and gracefully slid down between his legs. Monica didn’t have to use much of her imagination to understand what she was doing. The hot, loud slurping sounds required very little thought to fill in the blanks…