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Spring’s First Midweek (Nympho)Mania! Free stories ahoy!

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bang the gang 2 captured

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This week’s Midweek (Nympho)Mania is a particularly hot set of stories just for the thrill-seeking reader in all of us.

Transformed! Nine Magically Erotic Stories” is, well…a bundle full of NINE magically erotic stories, each containing some form of transformation in which men become super hunky, sperm-shooting virile studs, and women become ultra-fertile bimbo goddesses capable of withstanding the ungodly brutal fuckings from their brand new deity-like bang partners. It’s a lot of fun–and with NINE stories in the bundle, you can hardly go wrong!

If you’re looking for something a bit more targeted, then perhaps try out “Bang the Gang 2: Captured.” This hot number features a beautiful biker babe as the prisoner of a hulking biker stud…and she can’t stop how turned he makes her, even when he offers her up to his entire gang to make her submit!

NEXT week will be the scintillating conclusion to the “Bareback Trance” series with “Owning My Ex.” But in the meantime, did you know I JUST RELEASED a hot Bareback Threesomes story with lots of taboo action? Check it out!


A March Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









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Welcome to this week’s edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania! In honor of my recent hot mind control erotica “Owning my Boss” which features some sexy bimbofication, I thought I would make this week’s edition BIMBO themed! Like, totally awesome, right?

SO, “Bimbo Is Best” is a brilliant little collection of four–count ’em, FOUR–bimbofication novellas. What’s that you say? “Nadia, I get FOUR novella-length stories about my most favorite fetish in the world for just 99 cents?” THAT IS CORRECT. Get it!

The Bimbo Cheer” is a short, fun little story that I am a big fan of (you could even say I’m it’s cheerleader, haha). It’s about a sexy school that gets taken over by a magic cheer that turns all the females into hot bimbos and all the boys into hot studs. In other words, your average Nadia Nightside fantasy, and it’s FREE right now!

BOTH of these stories feature hot transformation/bimbofication/sluttification, mind control, tons of hot sex and female masturbation, tons of clothing fetishes, and much MUCH more. Check them out now!

“Owning My Boss” – A Hot New Mind Control Erotica!

Hello all! Today I’ve got a brand new story out for you, “Owning My Boss.” This one is a lot of fun and gets very dirty and erotic.

This is the second story in the “Bareback Trance” series, which started with “Owning My Co-Worker.” In this sexy set of tales, a lucky young man–Victor–finds that whenever he fills up a hot babe with his masculine load, she goes into a deep, hypnotic trance. His thoughts become her thoughts. His wants become her wants. His will becomes her will.

The first story was Victor testing the limits of this power, and thoroughly enjoying his new abilities with the gorgeous young Mallory, who he is quickly falling in love with (and of course, his thoughts are her thoughts…). But Victor is getting greedy. He works with the sexy, tiny Lori, and the gorgeous, busty Dawn, and his statuesque, posh ex-girlfriend Audrey keeps snooping around, and then there’s Minjee, the hot Asian graduate student who seems to genuinely want to flirt with Victor…

It’s too much for a man with a power like his to just ignore. So he starts to try to spread his tendrils of influence. But every action has a consequence, and these girls have their own lives that he’s interfering with and co-opting. It’s a hot, fun little foray into the erotic nature of power and control!


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SO! If you’re interested in a hot new mind control erotica, make sure to check out “Owning My Boss” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

“You’re so right, Sir. You should be in charge from now on.”

Just a few days ago, Victor was a regular guy. Then, after one lucky night with a sizzling hot young babe, he found out that when a woman tastes his manly seed, she goes under a heavy trance. With this power, he can make the gorgeous women in his life do or even think anything he wants. His every filthy, wicked, erotic wish is their command.
But with his lust for power taking over his better judgment, he’s not being discreet. More and more people are asking questions that he just can’t answer. Questions about his new girlfriend—or is girlfriends?—and their gleeful, public sexual obedience. Questions about their open hopes for carrying his unprotected load in their fertile bodies.
Rather than taper back, he ramps up the offensive, and starts to take down everyone who stands in his way to absolute power…including his terrifically hot boss, Dawn! But Dawn is a lifelong lesbian and ardent defender of women’s rights. If a normal guy like Victor wants to completely rewire her feminist brain for mindless service to his meaty member, he’ll have to completely abandon any moral fiber he once had. Endless erotic pleasures and a happy harem of servants await him, but he’ll have to sell his soul for the privilege.



When they were both somewhat under, I popped open the vials and let them have it. They drank eagerly, treating the thick substance like nectar to their souls. My cock, even after the massive undertaking it had just been through, twitched as I watched them take me in. Slowly, their eyes became absolutely white. Whiter than I had ever seen them before.

Now, girls,” I began. “You’ve both been very good.”

We’ve been very good.”

I remembered what Lori said, about not understanding her feelings toward me.

And you love feeling the way you do about me.”

We love feeling the way we do about you.”

It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not.”

It doesn’t matter if we understand it or not.”

All that matters is feeling good and doing what I say.”

All that matters is feeling good. And doing…what you say.”

Good. I hoped that would clear up any potential messes before they started. How little I knew. My messes hadn’t even yet begun.

You love each other so very much.”

We love each other. So very much.”

The sound of their voices operating in tandem was hot beyond belief. Their tones matched one another, and I know that, even as they repeated the instruction and made it a part of their mental core—they were hearing that same instruction again from the other girl, hypnotizing them even further.

I’m your Master.”

Mallory hopped on this easily, of course. “You’re our Master.”

Lori struggled. “You’re our…”

I moved Mallory’s mouth over to Lori’s, and repeated, more emphatically now, “I am your Master.”

You’re our Master,” Mallory moaned.

This time, Lori moaned and said it too


Discount Edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









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I’ve got TWO stories available this week for you. BOTH feature mind-meltingly hot mind control tactics by super studs who want to control the bombshell babes in their lives…and wouldn’t you know it, later this week, I’m releasing the sequel to “Owning my Co-Worker“–“Owning My Boss”–which features some mind-meltingly hot mind control tactics by a regular joe who wants to control the bombshell babes in his life.

Maid Laid Bare 2: Milk Maid” is a hot bimbofication story featuring hot group sex, bimbofication/sluttification/bimbo transformation, lactation, breeding, impregnation, creampie sex, virgin sex, barely legal sex, and much MUCH more!

The Billionaire’s Love Potion” is a hot transformation story featuring a nerdy scientist who becomes the girl of her billionaire’s dreams, which includes all kinds of hot virgin sex, bimbofication, mind control, group sex, and tons of other hot action!