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New Release! — Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders

God, cheerleaders are just so sexy, aren’t they? Hopping around with their tight, gorgeous young bodies, wearing such tiny skirts and tops. Their whole purpose is to look good, and distract people from severely masculine activities, which they do admirably. It’s something that has so much effort and time put into it, and yet at the end of the day most anything people think about them is that they must be really, superbly, totally fun to fuck.

As a former cheerleader, I can certainly attest to the truth of that last bit. I think this story was a little cathartic for me, unleashing some of the hotter thoughts I had buried deep in my mind during that time.

Anyway, this new release “Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders” is the sequel to “Mesmerizing the Best Friend” (which can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords). It features some completely stuck-up beauties being put in their place, and also a secret submissive finally finding someone to dominant her like she needs.

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Here’s the official blurb:

Chronic loser Daniel is given a magic watch that can completely entrance anyone he chooses. Of course, who he chooses is his longtime crush, Valerie, intelligent and devastatingly beautiful. But now that she’s joined the cheerleading squad, he can only get to her if he entrances all of the hot teen cheerleaders one by one and turns them into his personal loving servants. What he doesn’t know about, of course, is the crush that Valerie has been nursing on Daniel for just as long as he’s had his, and how incredibly sexy Valerie thinks it is that he would break the minds of so many hot girls just to get to her…

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~6700 words) contains the story of one young man’s dominance over a whole cheerleading squad, from the coach on down, completely entrancing the snottiest, snobbiest barely legal girls in town and commanding them to practice their lovemaking skills with each other, in addition to conquering their wills so they happily deliver handjobs, blowjobs, and sex with multiple partners, topped off with the hot willing submission of the most gorgeous babe on the squad!


For the first time, Monica noticed Joanna’s arm movements, her hand pumping underneath the desk. How close she was sitting to Daniel. How she stared at him with complete adoration, unless he motioned with a finger for her attention to be on Monica.

Monica was no stranger to sex. It was an excellent way to control men. She had never gone all the way, of course, but she had given out her fair share of handies and blowjobs. She could only promise them for money and favors so much, after all, without delivering.

Mostly, she didn’t enjoy it. Sex was a means to an end—but she enjoyed that end, power, so very much.

“Joanna, are you…are you giving him a handjob?”

Now caught, Joanna seemed just to speed up her efforts, staring into Daniel’s face

“Of course I am, dear. He deserves it, for working so hard and being so wonderful. Isn’t he wonderful? Say how wonderful he is, Monica. Do it with me. You’ll really enjoy it, I promise. I didn’t think I would at first, but he showed me how wrong I was. He’s so good like that.”

She stroked his hair, kissing his face just a bit. Her eyes full of worshipful zeal, the kind that Monica had only seen in Joanna’s face before when she had been discussing new cheering routines.

“B-but you have a husband! A little girl!”

“Oh, them. I don’t really care about them. Master said I could divorce that fat lout and stick him with the child. At least until she’s old enough for Master to take, just like he took me and he’s going to take you! By that time I’ll probably be too old to fuck him good enough anyway, so I’ll have a perfect replacement on the way already. Isn’t that great?”

“Shut up already,” said Daniel, putting a hand on the back of her head.

Joanna nodded happily and gracefully slid down between his legs. Monica didn’t have to use much of her imagination to understand what she was doing. The hot, loud slurping sounds required very little thought to fill in the blanks…

New Release! — “Mesmerizing the Best Friend”

Out today for all of you is my newest release, “Mesmerizing the Best Friend.” This is also the start of a new series “Magical Mesmerism,” of which I’m planning two other stories (“Mesmerizing the Cheerleaders” and “Mesmerizing the Bride.”).

I think all of us at one point or another have been stuck in the “friend zone” with some incredibly sexy companion that we just desperately wanted to please and make love to. This story taps into that hot part of our brains that knows that fucking this friend just wouldn’t be enough…some naughty, hot part of ourselves is always going to want more and more control over the terms of the relationship.

In this story, Lane finds a magic artifact that allows him to transform beautiful Jessica into his lovestruck girlfriend, but now that he’s had a taste of altering her mind, he just isn’t able to get enough…

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The free story you will receive is “Model Dinner Party,” a 4600 word sequel to “Model Girlfriend,” (available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords), but it IS a standalone title, so you do not need to have read Model Girlfriend to enjoy it! (Although I do think it enhances the material somewhat if you do). It features a supermodel-turned-fuckslave named Isabel throwing a small dinner party for two of the haughtiest, hottest supermodels she once worked with before her Master showed her the beauty of obedience. Over the course of dinner, her Master slowly makes the two new supermodels even hotter, and much more obedient, until they are his perfect fuckslaves just like Isabel! Some of the kinks featured are mind control, body transformation, breast enlargement, one male dominant character, multiple female dominant characters, and of course lots and lots of cumming and hardcore sex!

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But back to the new release–if the thought of a totally hot babe becoming her best friend’s love slave turns you on, make sure you grab “Mesmerizing the Best Friend,” out now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Jessica has cornered Lane firmly in the friend zone, despite his declaration of love for her. He’s just not right for her—she loves him as a friend, but doesn’t want to be “in” love with him. Then Lane finds an old magic pocket watch that mesmerizes Jessica completely—all of a sudden, she wants to be his perfect girlfriend. But soon, Lane finds that he doesn’t want just a perfect girlfriend…he wants a perfect servant.

For mature audiences only! This erotica short (~5000 words) contains scenes of a gorgeous young teenage babe becoming completely entranced, changing from a goody two-shoes to the sexy plaything of a guy who’s been pining after her for ages, happy to serve him exclusively with hot oral sex, hardcore fucking, dirty talk, open worship, and even deeper depths of hypnotic servitude!




“Jess? Are you okay?”

Lane was snapping his fingers in her face. She giggled happily, snapping back at him.

A surprised smile slid over his face.

“You okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Why wouldn’t I be okay?”

She slid her hands over one of his, grabbing them and sliding them in between her tits. Then she started mashing her titflesh on his hand. He liked that, right? Why wouldn’t he? She had great tits. She knew that. She was proud of them. She was proud of her body. She should really show it off more. Lane would like that.

Jessica would love anything at all that Lane happened to like.

He shuddered and started breathing hard, looking her up and down. His other hand went to her waist. She nodded small, encouraging him even more by licking her lips.

“It’s just…you were…spacey for a moment…or thirty…”

“Mmm,” she purred, sliding his hand up to her jaw and then cheek. “Maybe I was just thinking about how I have like, the biggest crush on you.”

That was an understatement, if there ever was one.

“You…you do?”

“Of course I do. I’m in love with you, silly. Can’t you tell?”

She hardly felt she could make it more obvious. Still, it didn’t hurt to work at it. She slid one leg up his.

“Say…say that again,” he said. He was biting his lip now, clearly turned on.

She drew herself close, crushing her tits against his chest. His hand was trapped there, now, completely enveloped.

“I’m in love with you, Lane.” Her blue eyes shone with an almost zealous light. “I’m so sorry I freaked out when you told me before. I just wasn’t in my right head at all. But I totally am. I love you more than anything, more than anybody…”




New Release! — The Hot Hypnotism Bundle

hypnobundle Out today for all of you is “The Hot Hypnotism Bundle: 3 Stories of Sexy Submission.” This bundle, as you may have guessed from the name, is a collection of the trilogy of Hot Hypnotism stories that I’ve released in the last few weeks.

All three of these stories were a delight to put together. I think one of the sexiest things about mind control, for me, is the idea of remapping someone’s personality totally. It modifies what a given controller wants physically into what that same controller wants emotionally and mentally, giving him complete control, and freeing a girl from all those nuisances of free will and conscience. Something I do often in the stories in this bundle is alter a given POV character’s thoughts and memories, so that by the time a girl is on her knees, happily sucking and serving, she’s not able to imagine ever wanting anything else but servitude and obedience.

There is, of course, something incredibly erotic about a woman being very aware of her incumbent enslavement, and not being able to do anything about it, though that’s not territory covered in these stories. I think also a woman willingly giving herself up to the overwhelming power of a mind control device is thoroughly hot as well, and that IS territory explored in these stories.

Coming up for me are a few more stories in the Female Designs universe, and probably a breeding title or two. If you have any thoughts on where to take this Hot Hypnotism series from here, I’d love to hear them! But for now, if the thought of sexy babes becoming cock-worshipping fucktoys gets you going, make sure you check out “The Hot Hypnotism Bundle,” available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!
Here’s the official blurb:

All three delightfully delicious stories from the “Hot Hypnotism” series are now available in one erotic bundle!

Hypnotizing the Girl Next Door:

Jared hasn’t been happy in a long time. Ever since he got laid off, he’s been living with his parents and performing errands for them to pay his way. Today, he cleaned out his grandpa’s old trunk. Inside, he finds an incredibly erotic video of a woman being completely brainwashed into a loveslave. And, with the video are the same devices used to brainwash the woman!

Jared tries to show his discovery to his beautiful young eighteen year-old neighbor, Carmen, but it’s so difficult to get her to listen. He’ll just use the device on her a little bit, to get her to pay attention. Just a little bit more, to make her more comfortable. Just a little bit more, so she’ll think he’s attractive and interesting. Just a little bit more . . .

For mature audiences only–this erotica short (~5600 words) features hot, explicit scenes of oral sex, hardcore sex, mind control, and domination of multiple beautiful women!

Hypnotizing the Sorority:

Alyssa, gorgeous sorority house president, has never met a boy she couldn’t seduce or a girl she couldn’t browbeat into submission. That is, until her roommate Giselle uses her mind-controlling Master’s device to rewrite Alyssa’s mind, and then the minds of the entire sorority! With the help of her Master’s hypnotic device, Alyssa becomes the eager, happy slave she is soon convinced she was born to be!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~8700 words) features a snobby sorority girl’s transformation into a hot, submissive love slave, eager to do anything her Master says as he takes her and an entire sorority house full of young lingerie-clad beauties under his control, including hot oral sex, making love to other beautiful sorority girls, ordering around other babes for her Master, and hardcore fucking!

Hypnotizing the Detectives:

Beautiful, secretly submissive detective Heather Key and her lovely partner Sandra Harrera are investigating a local sorority house, believing the girls there have entered some kind of prostitution ring. When Heather finds out that the house is actually under the control of an amoral mind controller, though, she doesn’t know how long she can hold in her arousal or stay off her knees!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~10,000 words) takes the reader on a explicitly detailed erotic romp as a sexy detective struggles with her inner-submissive side. Readers will experience her dark thrills as she watches and gets off to other girls being mind-controlled (one at a time and en masse), leading up to her climactic struggle against the mind controller himself, inside of a house full of hypnotized hotties eager to do his bidding!


“The remote?”

“The one that makes people believe that whatever they’re told. And then when the effect has worn off, they don’t remember.”

“Wait a minute,” said Carmen, shaking her head.
She stood up and looked at the screen of his television. The woman there, her face so open and . . . turned on. So full of pleasure.

“Hold up. That woman didn’t remember any of the commands she was given?”

“Nope,” he grinned.

“Why are you grinning like that? That’s disgusting! I mean, could you imagine if you gave me some command, and . . .”

His grin only widened. He started stroking his cock through his shorts, just like she had been. God, but she really, really wanted to get back to doing that. But this was…this was important! Things started to click together in her head
“Oh god, Jared, is that why you’re grinning?”

He nodded, openly staring down her cleavage. On instinct, she propped her body forward a bit to give him a better view…

New Release! — Hypnotizing the Detectives

As promised, out today for all of you is the third installment in the Hot Hypnotism series, “Hypnotizing the Detectives.”

This is a direct sequel to “Hypnotizing the Sorority” (available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords), and was quite a thrill to write. There’s several scenes of hot voyeuristic masturbation, erotic tension between beautiful women, and the whole story portrays one long, highly-reluctant submission to slavery.

One inspiration for this story was the idea of a woman going out of her way to be mind controlled. I know that, for myself, if I knew there was some hunk walking around with a mind control ray, I’d have be hard-pressed NOT to throw myself at his feet. The protagonist in this story, Heather, has much the same problem, though her feelings are compounded by her sense of duty to the law and to

One thing I enjoyed about writing this trio of stories was the interplay between some of the different protagonists. In “Sorority,” the character of Alyssa uses an outward presentation of submission and goodwill to get away with domineering everyone she comes across. But in “Detectives,” Heather is very domineering to compensate for her shame at the submissive nature of her sexuality. Watching these characters grow and adapt as they confront Jared and his all-powerful ray has been quite a treat for me, and I hope that it is for you as well! If the idea of a beautiful cop tossing away all senses of duty as she finally gives in to her true submissive nature sounds appealing to you, then be sure to check out “Hypnotizing the Detectives,” available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!

Here’s the official blurb:

Beautiful, secretly submissive detective Heather Key and her lovely partner Sandra Harrera are investigating a local sorority house, believing the girls there have entered some kind of prostitution ring. When Heather finds out that the house is actually under the control of an amoral mind controller, though, she doesn’t know how long she can hold in her arousal or stay off her knees!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~10,000 words) takes the reader on a explicitly detailed erotic romp as a sexy detective struggles with her inner-submissive side. Readers will experience her dark thrills as she watches and gets off to other girls being mind-controlled (one at a time and en masse), leading up to her climactic struggle against the mind controller himself, inside of a house full of hypnotized hotties eager to do his bidding!


When she looked back in the house, she saw Tracy getting up from the couch to go somewhere—presumably the bathroom. Monica and Carmen got up to watch her leave. They each had their gaze firmly attached to Tracy’s behind.

Heather found this somewhat disturbing.
Through the tall windows, she could see a young man stepping down the tall, spiral staircase in the center of the house. He held a thick, silver remote of some kind in his hands, and a golden crown on his head. Boxer shorts and a fluffy blue robe were the only clothing he had on, besides a pair of slippers.

The girls each saw him, breathing in deep when they did, as if sighing with purest pleasure.
Heather recognized him, she thought, but she couldn’t say from where.
Carmen stepped over to Monica and unzipped her long gray dress. The scintillatingly hot blonde stepped out of it, decked out entirely in bright green lingerie.

Then, Monica turned Carmen around, and unzipped her stepdaughter, who was dressed in similarly fashioned purple lingerie. Each girl had on lacy stockings, frilly garters, and hot push-up bras that put their fantastic tits on perfect display for the man who had come down to the room. The contrast between their outside outfits and their lingerie made it seem like they had committed to being just decorations for him, and only for him.

The young man moved over to the couch, sitting down and watching their display with a small smile on his face, as if he was used to this show. As if he was watching something he had arranged himself.

Monica walked to a desk table against the wall and opened a drawer, pulling out a pair of long green gloves, perfectly matching her outfit. Heather felt herself squirm for some reason as she watched the gorgeous woman slip on the gloves and then slip down in front of her man, wrapping her slender body around his leg. . .