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“Heir Salon 3”–A new story out now!

Available at Amazon!

OUT RIGHT NOW is my newest tale, “Heir Salon 3.” This scintillating sequel finishes off that tantalizingly tit-heavy trilogy of the Bimbo Passion series, wrapping up Betty’s story with a nice, pleasant dinner party where absolutely nothing of note happens.

Oh wait, that’s exactly wrong. Betty’s life is changed FOREVER and–I would say–perhaps for the better. I don’t know if Betty at the beginning of the story would agree with me, ;).  She’s slowly warped into exactly what the megalomaniacal Mister Castle wants her to be–which is an even more gorgeous and submissive version of her gorgeous, submissive self.

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I’ve been away for a bit taking care of some other business–subscribers to my newsletter will know all about it. But so you know, I plan to be writing at my normal pace with a story every two weeks for the foreseeable future. Wish me luck!

At any rate, if you are looking for a bimbofication tale on Kindle Unlimited with TONS of mind control, lots of group sex, hot bdsm action, lactation, body transformation, bareback/breeding/creampie sex, and SO much more, check out the Stepford-style “Heir Salon 3” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

”You’re so right. I should have been with you from the beginning, Sir.”

Former feminist stalwart Betty has been completely transformed into a servile, Husband-worshiping bimbo. Her greatest love is her Husband’s manhood. Her number one desire is for him to fill herfertile, luscious body with his heirs. 
But Betty has become so gorgeous that she’s caught the attention of Castle, the man in charge of the erotic town of Passion Heights. He wants Betty as his own Wife, and he doesn’t take “no” for an answer. The virile Castle has several Wives already, each more beautiful than the last, and each withcreamy overflowing cups. But he’s the Alpha of all Alphas. This gargantuan hunk of a muscled phenom takes everyone he wants—including Betty. He’ll use anything to seduce her—promises of wealth, love, and status—and even tempts her over-sexed mind with other beautiful women. 
If Castle has his way, Betty will be a bimbo wife forever. Her life will consist of giving him heirs, serving him in every erotic way, letting him drink from her overflowing cups, and worshiping the ground he walks on. Betty can resist him. But with so much pleasure being flooded into her piping-hot, rocking bod, does she even want to?




In the car, Betty tugged obediently at Lane’s thick, hard cock. When he saw these lovely women, little dollops of precum began to emerge. She wanted to lick them up, but he had forbidden her from taking him in her mouth that night—her mind had to be sharp to keep up with the Castles, and when she’d had his cock in her, she was no good for actual talking for at least a few hours.

For a Passion Heights girl, cock and cum were better than opium.

You’re prettier than all of them,” he said, voice proud as he looked over at the gardeners. “Every last one.”

Her heart sang with the praise. And as she looked at them, a certain arrogance struck her, making her tilt her chin upward just slightly, turning her nose just so. She was better than those other women.

Her Man had said so. He had no reason to lie.

Her outfit certainly spoke to that notion. She wore a sparkling violet gown that was held up entirely by the buoyant force of her majestic breasts. Her nipples, permanently erect due to her permanent arousal, stuck out through the sheer fabric and were the zenith of an elaborately scooping neckline that draped down almost to her navel. Skin the shade of sleek bronze shone brilliantly in the car, appearing almost wet even though she was not perspiring in the least…

I’m putting my titles back in Kindle Unlimited.

Hello all you wonderful people~!

I’ve got some good news and bad news: I’m putting all my titles back into Kindle Unlimited. It’s a business decision that I had to make so that I can maintain some semblance of paying my bills like a respectable person in society. The good news is that means more discounts and free stories for you fine readers out there. The bad news is that doing so flies in the face of a lot of what I communicated earlier, but without any legit competition for Amazon, it’s the choice I have to make for now.

You can find all the books I have on Kindle Unlimited here.

If you want to make sure you’re also supporting some authors who removed their titles from Kindle Unlimited (and why wouldn’t you? They’re great and they write sexy stuff!), I’d suggest the following folks at the least:

Scarlett Skyes

Natalie Deschain

Jade K. Scott

Kendra Claire

Carl East

Thank you so much for your support for the indie writing community!

Amazon’s new policies hurt indie authors like me. Here’s how you can help.

Hello friends,

I, like most erotica authors, participate in a program called Kindle Direct Publishing Select (or KDP Select). This allows our stories to be eligible for Kindle Unlimited, which most of you (I imagine) use extensively, in exchange for publishing exclusively with Amazon. Previously, when a reader read more than 10% of a story, authors got a “borrow,” which was worth about $1.35. This amount is calculated by taking up the total number of borrows of all authors across all Amazon outlets, and divvying up a monthly fund—which last month was about $11 million.

The new system, started today, means that authors will be paid by pages read. On the surface, this seems fair—if someone is read more, they should be paid more. The problem with this is that the estimated monthly fund remains the same; the problem also is that last month there were 1.9 billion pages read. A little math will let you know that nets authors like me about half a cent per page read, which means that for a book that I would normally be paid $1.35 for, I am now receiving somewhere around 40 cents.

Myself and most of the erotica authors I know write erotica for a living. We depend on this income to feed our children and pets, keep roofs over our heads, pay bills, and contribute to our commercial society. This will hurt erotica authors—but it will also hurt ALL authors, so if you are a fan of romance, thrillers, suspense, or whatever, everyone you like who participates in this program is in trouble.

So, why not just pull out of KDP Select, Nadia? Well, I’ve emailed Amazon with that exact request, actually. I’m not entirely happy about it, but it seems like the best thing to do. After all—I am asking you to stop your Kindle Unlimited subscription. It doesn’t make any sense for me to stay in Kindle Unlimited after that.

The main problem I have with pulling out of KDP Select is that it means I won’t be able to give away any more free stories on Amazon, and there won’t be any more borrows available to readers trying to catch up with my back catalog. I’m no exception, either—every single author I’ve spoken with has expressed serious doubts about the viability of KDP Select, and so any other author of whom you have borrowed a book or downloaded a freebie is likely not to continue for very long.

The other problem with leaving KDP Select is that, with the way Amazon’s search algorithm works, authors who promote on KDP Select are much more “visible” than other authors. This means that even if I did leave KDP Select, my titles would not be seen by as many fans, and I would face another serious dip in profits. Other outlets are a possibility, but historically, they have provided rather low profits (for a variety of reasons). So, yes, I’ve left the frying pan for the fire for the time being. If Amazon doesn’t change its tune, I will indeed search out other outlets.

I would love to keep writing for you forever. I’m forever grateful for all the fans who have read my work and helped me pay what needed paying for the last two odd years I’ve done this. I don’t know if, with this model, I’ll be able to continue writing erotica and pay what needs paying around my home. I, and every author I know, no matter the genre, would like your help. So, what am I asking you to do?

First, please consider cancelling your Kindle Unlimited subscription. The model in its current form is bad for the people creating the content you love. Second, email jeff@amazon.com and let him know how you feel about this. Start using the tag ‪#releasetherate and #StrikeKindleUnlimited‬ to let Amazon know how you feel about this as well.

Please note–I think Kindle Unlimited is an enormous value for customers. I think its core components are beneficial to creators, customers, and distributors. It’s the current model–which is changeable–that is the problem. I am not suggesting never returning to Kindle Unlimited no matter what, or raging for rage’s sake. I want you to deliver a surgical strike of dissatisfaction. If they fix this issue (possibly with solutions I’ve outlined below), I will likewise spend just as much time promoting it again as I have in the past.

Here’s a template email for you (credit to dayvansmutgirl on reddit):
Dear Jeff,
I’m writing to express my profound anger and disappointment with the new Kindle Unlimited payout system. I am a customer and I have been enjoying reading my favorite authors through Kindle Unlimited. I have been thrilled at the opportunities it has afforded my favorite authors.
However, under this new payout system, they will no longer be able to sustain themselves purely through Kindle Unlimited. According to the math, a page will get only a little over half a cent. This will slash their incomes significantly. Due to the poor customer service this is providing, I am now researching purchasing my books on other retailers. If the payout really does come out to half a cent, they will all pull their works from Kindle Unlimited.
I want to continue to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited because it had previously been working out well for me, but if it drives out all my favorite authors, I can no longer do so.
Thank you for your time,
For those interested, here is the email I sent jeff@amazon.com earlier today with my own ideas about how to solve this issue with ideas that were mutually beneficial to customers, creators of every genre, and our distributor (Amazon):


I would like to pull all of my titles under the Midnight Publishing
account currently participating in KDP Select from that program. I
would like for them to remain published with Amazon and for sale at
your site, but I no longer wish to have them eligible for borrows from
Amazon customers.

I, like many authors, am dissatisfied with the program of payment that
the Kindle Unlimited program has unveiled. I find two main issues with
the new program of payment:

1. I want to know how many people are actually borrowing the books I write.
2. I want to know how much I am going to be paid in any given month.

I do not believe that exclusivity to your store should be rewarded
with a lower rate of pay than I would receive by promoting my books
elsewhere. Right now, the only guarantee you’ve given would cut my pay
roughly by 55%. Not because I started writing poorly, not because less
people are borrowing my books, not because you have less money to pay
me with, and not because there’s less of an interest in the genre in
which I write. This strikes me as an unfair arrangement that prior to
this point has been mutually beneficial.

If the model of paying by pages read is one that you want to continue,
what I would suggest is a system that adds a base pay for ranges of
pages written. In this way, you can at least guarantee the royalties
that someone might earn from a 99 cent story with 65% cut off the top.
For instance:

Stories under 5000 words — 35 cents, plus pages read
Stories 5000-10000 words — 75 cents, plus pages read
Stories 10-20000 words — 1 dollar, plus pages read
And so on. (I understand the metric is pages; I write by words
written, and have not calculated yet how many words equals how many

The Monthly KDP Select Fund is a fundamentally flawed design, proven
now for about a year. It is altered every month to reach the number
that your company decided–probably weeks if not months before every
pay date–to pay authors. As that is the case, it seems to only make
sense to completely do away with the idea that so many authors are
participating in an arbitrarily decided (and always inaccurate, until
the actual number comes out the following month) pool of money. If
there’s a base amount you’re willing to pay authors in this exclusive
fund for types of work, or lengths of work, and you want more of a
certain type of work or length of work, why not be transparent about

I understand the dislike of people scamming the system in order to
make profit by essentially cheating customers, and altering your

system to address that problem. I can also understand someone

burning down their house so no one can steal their television.
I don’t think it’s a very good idea in either case. The best
protection is clearer standards of quality and a well-paid,
well-trained team that is tasked to enforce these standards. Until
this happens, I imagine you will continue to have issues with scammers
of every kind. Alternatively, making participation in Kindle Unlimited
available only to those authors who have published regularly and
developed a regularly monetarily beneficial relationship with you for
several months is also a good idea.

I have a lot of gratitude for what Amazon and the KDP Select program
has allowed me to do up until this point. I have encouraged other
authors to join it, and believe that e-publishing is the future of
publishing. However, I do not believe that this sort of
treatment–opaque and uncaring–is the way to handle creators of
content for your site.

Thank you for your time.



Thank you so much for your time and your efforts for this, friends. Together, we can save our favorite fiction and keep Amazon customer and content friendly.


– Nadia