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“Bust Gun: The Locker Room” – A Hot New Erotic Tale, Out Now!

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Hello hellloooooo all you wonderful erotica fans out there! I’ve got a brand new story out for you today that features all kinds of super hot bimbofication, transformation, mind control, barely legal sex, breeding/impregnation/creampie, group sex, lactation, and so much more!

“Bust Gun: The Locker Room” (available on Kindle Unlimited) follows the path of lovable loser Roderick, a guy who just can’t get no respect. He’s scorned by jocks and hated by his ex-girlfriend, and he’s never been laid. Then, after a particularly hard evening in a locker room, stuffed there by some asshole athletes, he finds the Bust Gun…and starts to turn his life around.

With just a shot, he can turn any woman he wants–even his snobby ex–into his willing bimbo slave. She gets bigger tits, longer hair, beautiful skin, lactating breasts, and a mind full of needy erotic thoughts just for her new Master.  Super hot.


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So! If you’re feeling up for a bimbo-riffic tale of debauchery and lust, check  out “Bust Gun: The Locker Room” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

Roderick is your average loser—picked on by jocks, hated by his snobby ex-girlfriend, and ignored by hot women everywhere. Then, he finds the Bust Gun, and everything changes for the better. Just one shot is all it takes to make a beautiful woman into his eager, erotic, fertile servant girl. Women transform from beautiful coeds to mind-blowingly hot, obedient nymphos, complete with overflowing cups full of delicious cream. With the Bust Gun in hand, Roderick can make all his dreams come true…including the one that involves making his arrogant virgin ex apologize to him for never sleeping with him. He’ll even make her beg…if only he could figure out how to reload the darn gun…


The lockers were positioned against the walls of the locker room. In front of them all was a wooden bench where the athletes could sit and get dressed. He had Betty laying down on one such long bench, and he watched with utter shock as her body transformed into something straight out of his wet dreams.

First of all—her breasts. They were basically non-existent before. In her tight tank-top, she looked about as flat as your average twelve year-old boy, and though her body was incredibly fit, she was at a real lack for curves.

Now, though…her breasts were growing. They grew straight past handfuls and right into gobsmacking TITS, straining the fabric of her tight shirt so much that he’d had to use the scissors in her little bag to give her more room on top, cutting a line from the collar down to the center of the shirt. That had, with the blossoming power of her beautiful breasts, only encouraged a heavy v-line of cleavage to develop.

But that wasn’t all that was changing. Her hair, thick and short, was becoming thicker and long. Voluminous heavy locks of brilliantly shiny chestnut-and-blond hair spilled out from her head. Her skin became more tanned and shiny, her lips poutier, puffier, her every inch of body layered with achingly hot muscle tone. Her boyish hips and waist became suddenly incredibly womanly, pushing out into a beautiful hourglass shape.

Wow,” he said, just looking at her. “Wow, wow, oh wow…”

What was happening? What had he done?

Obviously the gun had something to do with it. It was behind all of this somehow. But…that wasn’t possible, was it? A gun couldn’t just…just make a woman look like this, could it?

And then, there was what she had called him just before collapsing.

Betty had called him…she had said…

Master. She called me Master.

She slid upward on the bench, moaning and coming awake.

“Heir Salon: The Series” all bundled up just for you!

Available at Amazon!

Happy New Year everybody! Have a great start to your annual erotica collection with my latest release, “Heir Salon: The Series.” This new bundle out NOW has all three stories from the magnificently sexy “Bimbo Passion” series, including “Heir Salon,” “Heir Salon 2,” and “Heir Salon 3.”

This hot series (available on Kindle Unlimited!) contains all kinds of kinky subjects, including bimbofication/transformation, HUGE dicks, big tits, boobjobs/titfucks, creampie/impregnation/bareback sex, lactation, mind control/hypnosis, group sex, harems, and SO much more!

Check it out TODAY!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

In Passion Heights, all the women are gorgeous, big-breasted, statuesque bimbos and all the men are handsome, well-hung hunks. Every woman is fertile and every man is virile; they never use protection and can’t stop making heirs. Betty, a beautiful stalwart feminist, moves in with her husband, and immediately begins to investigate the strange town with her lovely neighbor Jasmine, another newcomer. But Betty and Jasmine aren’t immune to the town’s bimbofying charms—in fact, they’re as susceptible as anyone, and as they discover more and more, they’re only inserted deeper into the trappings of their new erotic society.
Soon, Betty and Jasmine both realize their place as perfect, servile, gorgeous bimbo wives for their newly-stud-bodied husbands. They clean, cook, suck, and rut, all with overflowing cup full of creamy delights. But, someone powerful and more masculine than any other man in town has special designs on the beautifully bimbofied Betty, and will change every aspect of her sexy new life for his pleasure.

“Heir Salon 3”–A new story out now!

Available at Amazon!

OUT RIGHT NOW is my newest tale, “Heir Salon 3.” This scintillating sequel finishes off that tantalizingly tit-heavy trilogy of the Bimbo Passion series, wrapping up Betty’s story with a nice, pleasant dinner party where absolutely nothing of note happens.

Oh wait, that’s exactly wrong. Betty’s life is changed FOREVER and–I would say–perhaps for the better. I don’t know if Betty at the beginning of the story would agree with me, ;).  She’s slowly warped into exactly what the megalomaniacal Mister Castle wants her to be–which is an even more gorgeous and submissive version of her gorgeous, submissive self.

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I’ve been away for a bit taking care of some other business–subscribers to my newsletter will know all about it. But so you know, I plan to be writing at my normal pace with a story every two weeks for the foreseeable future. Wish me luck!

At any rate, if you are looking for a bimbofication tale on Kindle Unlimited with TONS of mind control, lots of group sex, hot bdsm action, lactation, body transformation, bareback/breeding/creampie sex, and SO much more, check out the Stepford-style “Heir Salon 3” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

”You’re so right. I should have been with you from the beginning, Sir.”

Former feminist stalwart Betty has been completely transformed into a servile, Husband-worshiping bimbo. Her greatest love is her Husband’s manhood. Her number one desire is for him to fill herfertile, luscious body with his heirs. 
But Betty has become so gorgeous that she’s caught the attention of Castle, the man in charge of the erotic town of Passion Heights. He wants Betty as his own Wife, and he doesn’t take “no” for an answer. The virile Castle has several Wives already, each more beautiful than the last, and each withcreamy overflowing cups. But he’s the Alpha of all Alphas. This gargantuan hunk of a muscled phenom takes everyone he wants—including Betty. He’ll use anything to seduce her—promises of wealth, love, and status—and even tempts her over-sexed mind with other beautiful women. 
If Castle has his way, Betty will be a bimbo wife forever. Her life will consist of giving him heirs, serving him in every erotic way, letting him drink from her overflowing cups, and worshiping the ground he walks on. Betty can resist him. But with so much pleasure being flooded into her piping-hot, rocking bod, does she even want to?




In the car, Betty tugged obediently at Lane’s thick, hard cock. When he saw these lovely women, little dollops of precum began to emerge. She wanted to lick them up, but he had forbidden her from taking him in her mouth that night—her mind had to be sharp to keep up with the Castles, and when she’d had his cock in her, she was no good for actual talking for at least a few hours.

For a Passion Heights girl, cock and cum were better than opium.

You’re prettier than all of them,” he said, voice proud as he looked over at the gardeners. “Every last one.”

Her heart sang with the praise. And as she looked at them, a certain arrogance struck her, making her tilt her chin upward just slightly, turning her nose just so. She was better than those other women.

Her Man had said so. He had no reason to lie.

Her outfit certainly spoke to that notion. She wore a sparkling violet gown that was held up entirely by the buoyant force of her majestic breasts. Her nipples, permanently erect due to her permanent arousal, stuck out through the sheer fabric and were the zenith of an elaborately scooping neckline that draped down almost to her navel. Skin the shade of sleek bronze shone brilliantly in the car, appearing almost wet even though she was not perspiring in the least…

“Heir Salon” – a new bimbo transformation story out now!

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Hello all! Today I’ve got a BRAND NEW story out for you–“Heir Salon.

This hot little tale delves into a number of fantasies of mine that I have CONSTANTLY–the slow moral and mental corruption of a lovely woman into a bimbofied servile, fertile beauty; men transforming into take-no-shit alpha studs who know EXACTLY what women are for; housewives daydreaming about their husband’s cocks and giving him every last baby he could ever hope for; lactation and cum being triggers for all these hot mental and physical transformations; and a bunch bunch more!

This story follows Betty, who has been disgraced by Castle Industries–which now employs her husband. (That’s right–it’s the same Castle Industries from my “Maid Made Bare” stories–it’s a spin-off!). They arrive at the town of Passion Heights, and quickly discover that everything is rather…strange and erotic. And they can’t help but join in, even as they try to escape.

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So! If a hot bimbofied tale of a independent, intelligent woman slowly being transformed into a hot, servile, fertile babe sounds like fun to you (and I hope it does!), check out “Heir Salon” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

“You’re so right, darling. A wife should kneel before her Husband…”

Passion Heights is a company town run by the enigmatic Castle Industries, responsible for the beautiful activist Betty Kincaid’s fall from grace—and now employing her husband. But, after arriving, Betty and her lovely, full-figured new neighbor Jasmine notice lots of strangely erotic coincidences. The marriage rate is close to 99%, and every couple is either expecting or spilling over with fertility. Women are air-headed, giggle-happy sex dolls made for pleasing men and producing heirs—and every hot beauty boasts creamy products from their overflowing cups. And men are rugged, ripped alpha studs designed purely for protecting and ruling their women.
The two fierce feminists know something is up, but whatever corrupts the other women in the town affects them too. In trying to discover the secret of Passion Heights, their own passions are driven to new heights with their wildly developing need for their husbands’ bodies and huge, hard male members! Complicating the situation, their own bodies are slowly altering—becoming mirrors of the sexual goddesses surrounding them in the town. To find answers, they must investigate the Happy Hair Salon, where women enter as intelligent, independent women and leave as servile, fertile nymphos utterly dedicated to obeying their virile husbands.



Hey, doll.”

Okay. That was enough. No more. “No one calls me doll, asshole.” Betty put her hands on her hips. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

He approached her slowly. An enormity of a man. A mountain. A behemoth, a god. Every second he left the shadows made Betty sorry she had spoken out of turn. Betty saw him coming and thought that perhaps somehow she was dreaming. No one that big could actually move so languidly, with such easy, panther-like grace. And yet this hunk did. His head was probably almost the size of her entire torso. He neared seven feet tall, maybe three or even four hundred pounds, but all of it was clearly muscle. He had on a suit, but it was held loosely, his shirt unbuttoned at his chest to reveal the marble-like hardness of his muscles underneath.

She had started drooling before he even touched her. But then his hands came across her lips, and all she could manage was soft, unintelligible babble. Baby sounds. Cooing. Gahhing. It wasn’t so much that he was attractive, even though he clearly was. It was also just that he rendered Betty somehow into the mental state of less than an animal, perhaps some primordial ooze stunned by a cell’s ability to replicate itself. It was that primal, the reaction. That basic. His musk lit her cunt on fire.

You’re such a pretty woman,” he said, stroking her face.

His voice was a deep bass. A cascade of giggles emptied out from Betty, unable to stop herself from needing to please this giant.

If you had a better attitude, you’d enjoy yourself a whole lot more. Smile sometime. Wear a skirt. Maybe some heels. And have the food. It’s good for you.”

He reached into his pocket, pulled out a small, dark chocolate truffle, and placed it in her mouth.

My wife spent hours on these. Her own special recipe. Milk she made herself. Eat.”

Gulping, she chewed and obeyed, and did so still when he fed her another, and another. The milk chocolate core splashed against her mouth, coating her tongue and gums with sticky, unstoppable gooey warmth. She started to feel high. Her lust exponentiated. His fingers tickled against her pussy for a moment, reaching up her dress, and her excitement almost shut her brain down—but he only ripped her panties off. Like he was tearing through tissue. She was sure she was cumming, somehow, without actually orgasming. It didn’t make sense. None of this did…