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New Release! – “The Bimbo Cheer”

As promised, out today for all of you is a BRAND NEW standalone story, “The Bimbo Cheer!”

Bimbos are incredibly hot—all those looks and big tits and sexy clothes, and not a single thought on their silly little minds except for how hot they are and how many cocks they can make happy. And cheerleaders…mmm. Cheerleaders are thoroughly hot as well, as has been discussed previously. I thought it was a natural move to try and combine my interests in the two.

This story was a little different for me, as I wrote in the male perspective throughout the entire narrative, which I don’t do often. The protagonist, Brent, is basically a decent guy, but just can’t seem to get any luck with the girls. That all changes when he comes to school one morning, and every single girl at school has been turned into a gorgeous, mouthwateringly hot bimbo babe, desperate to be his personal fuckslave.

If you happen to love bimbo erotica (and if you’re here, I would imagine it holds SOME interest for you), make sure to check back soon! Coming up on July 1st is going to be the hot new release of my latest erotic novella, “The Curious Case of The Scientist and the Bimbo.” It’s sort of like a cross between “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and hot, smutty bimbo erotica. Gosh, I get hot just thinking about it. I think you are all really going to enjoy it.

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In any case, if a story about a lucky young nerd getting to fuck an entire high school full of bimbos, including the bimbofied version of his biggest crush, sounds like to fun to you, make sure to check out “The Bimbo Cheer” available now at Amazon, All Romance eBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!

That’s all! Thanks SO much for stopping by!

Here’s the official blurb for “The Bimbo Cheer:”

High school senior Brent has been in love with gorgeous, wonderful Amber for as long as he can remember, but he’s unable to risk their friendship for the sake of his desire. The two students arrive back in school after a long camping trip, and find the entire campus body transformed—literally. All the boys are gone, and all the girls—teachers included—have become big-titted, long-haired, beautifully-bodied cheerleader bimbos. Their bright, bubbly, bimbo cheering transforms any woman who hears it into a giggly, hot bimbo babe just like them. These cheering bimbos want to make Amber one of their own, and more than that, they say they need to treat Brent like a stud king for the rest of his days. Only his love for Amber keeps Brent noble, but when faced with so many gloriously hot sex nymphs aching to serve him and recruit even more sexy beauties, can he resist the allure of having Amber transformed into his personal bimbo babe?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~7700 words) contains the story of one lucky nerd’s domination of an entire school of cheerleader bimbos, including their steamy attempts to seduce him to rule over them and his discovery of their multiple classes for training on how to be a perfect bimbo by fucking and sucking, topped off with gloriously hot sex scenes full of handjobs, blowjobs, three way sex and tons of giggly orgasms!


In just two short weeks, the entire school population had been divided up between studs and bimbos. And now, Brent surmised, the bimbos of the school were waiting for a new stud.
And they had decided…

Oh man. They wanted him to be that stud.
His cock was definitely getting hard now.

In a daze, he walked by the gymnasium. Inside, music was blaring. Curious, and still looking for Amber, he looked inside.

What he saw shouldn’t have stunned him, given what he had seen so far, but it did anyway. They were practicing stripping, he realized. Their hot, tight, toned, big-titted bodies were swaying to the music, wrapping up and down metal poles. The poles had been installed up and down the basketball court—there were no more players, after all.

Two girls in pink uniforms—both of them ecstatically gorgeous—were at the front of the five rows or so of girls, cheering and smiling. He recognized the pink girls—Amanda and Kate.

Amanda, a superbly big-breasted brunette, started speaking loudly, a smile plastered on her gorgeous face. “We have to practice really hard, girls! I heard there’s finally a boy on campus! We have to make sure we can suck and fuck just how he needs. He won’t fuck us otherwise. And that’s why we exist. To be fucked by a super stud like he totally is. Our dancing has to be super top notch to impress him!”

The other amazing beauty, another perfect busty brunette, Kate Johnson, stepped out next to Amanda.

“I bet he fucks me the most. I’ve got like, the absolute best tits in town.”

Brent was really going to have to agree with that. He had not seen a bigger pair this entire morning. Kate rested her hand on Amanda’s ass, apparently unable to stop herself from admiring her friend’s gorgeousness.