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TWO new releases on this lovely April Friday!

Bikerland - Gang Up OverloadHello Hello HELLOOOOOOOO errybody! How’s it going? I hope you are doing SPLENDID. I am also splendid, because I’m just so splendidly excited to be sharing with you a TON of great news today. First and foremost, a new story! Let’s have a look at the blurb, shall we?

So many rugged warriors wanted to claim her.

In the post-apocalyptic town of Temple, a war brews between two armies of savage hunks over the rare, fertile lands that Temple boasts. But the lands aren’t all that’s fertile in Temple…
The mountainous, rugged Brall and his wasteland biker gang, the Cauldron, have a special way of indoctrinating girls into their service. One lucky, willing beauty is surrounded by the hulking, virile warriors of the Cauldron and used in every entrance. Their latest volunteer is a sumptuous babe named Abigail—who already belongs to the Cauldron’s biggest rival. Indoctrinating her would spark a gang war, but she’s so gorgeous, they just can’t turn her away.
But Abigail has her own plans. She’s in love with Brall’s rival, Case, the young stud gang leader she’s known her whole life. Abigail will do anything to make Case jealous. Their love is so taboo, she has no choice but to give her body up to the mammoth Brall and his overwhelming indoctrination to spur Case to act on his possessive, forbidden lust. Meanwhile, Abigail’s insatiable need for Case’s attention drives a wedge between herself and her beautiful best friend, Robin—who’s in the midst of an uncontrollable love affair with Brall!

YOWZA. That sounds as hot as a burning stove. Be careful when you pick it up!

BUNDLE - Risky ThreesomesBut gosh, I wouldn’t be THIS excited if there weren’t more love to go around. That’s right, there’s ANOTHER title out today–a brand new bundle!

This amazing hot bundle combines three of my best stories from this first quarter of 2015–“2 Women, 1 Man, O Rules,” “Seduced by a Lesbian,” and “Steps for a Taboo Roadtrip.” Hooray! These stories feature hot fmf action, bdsm elements, breeding/impregnation/unprotected sex, a little pseudo-incest for good measure, and a WHOLE lot of hot kink, so check them out soon!

AND FINALLY–can I have a drum roll in text? Is that even possible? I wish it weren’t in such poor taste to put sounds on a web page. No, wait…I’m happy about that. I go to web pages too. Anyway~!


The Nadia Nightside Sextravaganza  has begun! What does that mean? In short–AWESOMENESS. You can get more stories of mine for FREE and for CHEAP than EVER before. So click the link below and take a look around! If you haven’t picked up this or that story from me already, doing so NOW is probably the best chance you’ll get to get the best deal you’ll ever find!

fb square 1

Bang the Gang 2: Captured now released for YOU!

It turns out, I am terrible about updating my blog sometimes! Anyway, out today for all of you fine naughty thinkers is my latest story: “Bang the Gang 2: Captured.” Lucky for you–it’s at a discounted price for a limited time!

I’ve never written an erotica before where the protagonist was strictly in a prison cell for most of the story–this was a bit of a unique challenge, but I believe (of course) that I rose to the task. This one has a lot of fun parts to it: submission, dominance, sadism, masochism (all the bdsm goodies, haha), interracial fun, lesbian seduction, bisexuality, anal sex, lots of oral, and of course–a gang bang!

I think it’s definitely worth your time if you found Bang the Gang to be a good read.

Also out today is “Taken By Teachers!” This is a re-release of a story I just let out–“The Men of My Dreams.” That story wasn’t doing quite as well as I hoped, and I suspect the reason was the silly title and the sort of over-clever (or perhaps just bad) cover. So! This is my effort to amend that–if you want to know about this story, you can just read about it here. Otherwise, if you’ve already read “The Men of My Dreams,” then don’t pick up this one unless you just really love the cover!

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I’m looking to build a street team! If you’re interested in picking up any free stories in exchange for your honest reviews about my work on outlets like Amazon, let me know with an email to nadia dot nightside at gmail dot com!

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At any rate, if you’re looking for a couple of fun stories with hot male-on-female-on-male action, I’ve got two for you! You can find Bang the Gang 2: Captured at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords; and you can find Taken By Teachers also at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords.

The Men of My Dreams — A Brand New Story FOR YOU!

Out today for all of you wonderfully naughty folks is my newest story, “The Men Of My Dreams.”

This one is a thoroughly wicked tale, featuring some hot two-on-one action with a barely legal super-babe as the star. I just love stories about babes who think they’re untouchable. You know the kind. They walk through the world knowing that men will fall all over themselves to make them happy. But I bet when you see them, you have the same thought I do—”she loves to fuck as much as anyone else.”

This story builds on that notion a little bit. The main character, Candice, is convinced that she can’t be the one to ask for sex, because society has crafted her personality in such a way that to ask for sex is completely wrong. But, she knows she was made to fuck…so her only choice is to convince someone to take her “against” her will. It’s a naughty little story that only works in a smutty environment like what I create—I certainly wouldn’t recommend thinking it’s anything like real life!

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I’m looking to build a street team! If you’re interested in picking up any free stories in exchange for your honest reviews about my work on outlets like Amazon, let me know!

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At any rate, this newest story has all sorts of hot elements: barely legal action, anal sex, mfm threesome fun, reluctant ssex (or is it?), sexy bareback creampies, and a gorgeous teen temptress. And so, if you’re looking for a hot noncon or reluctant-type erotica, make sure to check out “The Men of My Dreams” to scratch that itch! It’s available (or will be soon!) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Sexual phenom Candice can’t help but tease the teachers at her school with her hot body. She’s a naughty girl—all she wants is for someone who knows well enough to ignore her when she tells them “no.” Her reluctance is a facade, and her dream is for just one man to see through the ruse and take her like the nasty minx she knows she was born to be. But letting someone know that was what she wanted would ruin the whole appeal—so she teases and teases, hoping to drive a man mad with lust.

But much to her surprise, she drives TWO men mad with lust, and together, they’re going to corner her and make all her dreams come true…whether she likes it or not.

 And here’s an excerpt:

He had the door locked and had sat me down in the front row of the classroom. He sat across from me, on the edge of his desk, his arms crossed.

“Why don’t you explain to me what you and Joey were getting up to?”

For a moment, I considered playing dumb. Probably, if I thought I could actually get in trouble, that would have been the safer route. But of course, I didn’t think I could get in trouble. I was the queen of the entire school.

“I was showing him how I could suck my own nipple.” I smiled, cupping my tits with dainty hands. “Would you like me to show you, Mr. Young? I do a really good job.”

His jaw dropped. Whatever response he was expecting from me, it certainly wasn’t the dead-honest truth. He was really cute like that, looking so surprised. He started to sputter.

“Y-you can’t act like this. I won’t have it in my classroom.”

I smiled, biting my bottom lip. “Oh,well…”

“Well, what?”

“It’s just, you remember how last year there wasn’t enough tax money to pay for all the departments?”

His sputtering stopped entirely. Now, he looked very serious. He took his glasses off and then put them on again.

“Yes,” he said. “Yes, I remember that.”

“And don’t you remember how it was my Daddy who paid for you to have a job?”


“I guess that means that if I said you were mean to me, he’d be pretty upset, huh?” Mr. Young said nothing. “I guess that means you’re just gonna have to live with it?”

He said nothing, his frown only deepening.

I giggled, delighted. “In fact, what that really means is that I can be as big of a bitch as I want, all day, to anyone I want, and you won’t do a single thing about it, will you?

Again, he said nothing.

His eyes were all over me, though. Inspired, I decided to try something a little…dangerous…





“Bang the Gang,” A New Story for YOU–and Other News!

Out now for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, “Bang the Gang.

This is a hot little number practically overflowing with hot biker outlaw studs, all of whom actually DO a little overflowing on our protagonist. If you’re wondering what the climax is like–look at the title, omit the article, and switch the words around. Probably, though, you already figured that out!

ALSO–“Billionaire’s New Plaything” is now released as “Billionaire’s Property” and will be available ONLY on Amazon for a few months. I apologize for any confusion!

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Also ALSO–I have a new bundle available for you! The entire “Paranormal Pleasures” series is now contained in “The Paranormal Pleasures Series” bundle (appropriately enough), which you can find HERE.

If a long story full of hot outlaw biker action sounds like your bag, baby, then check out “Bang the Gang” today!

Here’s the official blurb:
Young, lovely Stephanie is scared when she finds out her beautiful best friend Katrina has become involved with Slate, the leader of the outlaw biker gang known as The Devil’s Warriors. Even if he is a mouth-watering hunk, Slate is a bad, bad man, and Katrina has always been a good girl. But when Stephanie tries to interfere on her friend’s behalf, she finds out that Slate only works one way—HIS way. And he’s got a whole gang of rugged outlaws to make sure Stephanie and Katrina behave the way he wants.

For mature audiences only—this erotica tale (~20,000 words) features a pair of gorgeous young women having up-close and VERY personal experiences with an ENTIRE biker gang, all at once! The intimate encounters in this story include explicit sex scenes with several bikers having their way with the gorgeous gals, as well as the beauties engaging in sexy, seductive, intimate acts with each other!


I gave a token resistance, tugging backward every so often, moaning, yelping.. But I didn’t punch him, didn’t grab or bite him. I was just reluctant. Scared a bit, even. But my pussy was on fire, and somehow, I knew that Slate knew it was. He wanted to give me what I was made for, what I was born for. He wanted me to become the same sort of biker slut that he had already made Katrina into.

Easily, he swung open the huge barn doors and then tossed me inside. Then he closed the door behind him. There was a generator next to the door—he fiddled with it for a moment, and then it puttered on, powering the floodlights in the barn. It looked like…like a stage, almost. Like there was going to be a show.

And oh yes, there definitely was.

Slate put his hands on his hips, all authority. Get on your knees.”

Somehow, a new courage had found its way into my body.

I w-won’t! I won’t at all!”

He took off his belt. “Get. On. Your. Knees.”