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DOZENS of hot erotica titles for FREE!

Hello all, and welcome to my own personal SEXTOBER! Recently, I added almost ALL of my titles to KDP Select, which means two things for you wonderful people out there:

1. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read ALMOST EVERY TITLE I HAVE WRITTEN for free.


I’m so excited about this–I LOVE my fans and I’m so happy that they’re going to have easier access than EVER BEFORE to the words I so happily want them to read. So, without further ado, here are just SOME of the titles I have free RIGHT NOW!

These feature (some with all of these, some with just one or two): MIND CONTROL, TABOO/INCEST, LACTATION, BDSM, ROUGH SEX, BIMBO TRANSFORMATION, THREESOMES, GROUP SEX, and so much MORE!

(click images to pick up each story at Amazon)

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Also: new Maid Laid Bare story comes out this Friday! Get excited!


Billionaire’s New Plaything — A new story for you!

Out today for all of you deliciously delightful people is my newest story, “Billionaire’s New Plaything.

In response to everyone who wanted a little more “oomph” from my tales, this one is a veritable MONSTER, weighing in at twenty thousand words! That’s one more thousand than nineteen thousand!

This is the story of a gorgeous young reporter who gets caught up in the web of a deviant billionaire who is dead-set on completely dominating her. In the meantime, though, there’s a lot of hot detail about the office life of this incredibly-endowed rich man, and all the ways in which he utterly controls the gorgeous women who work at his office. I had a TON of fun writing this, and I really hope you’ll enjoy reading it!

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve been releasing lots and lots of bundles as of late. You can get “My Body is Yours” at Amazon, Barnes & NobleKobo, and Smashwords. Meanwhile, I’ve also released a MEGA-BUNDLE with NINE stories in the form of “Taken at Home: A Totally Taboo Bundle,” which you can grab at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!

If you haven’t already, please consider signing up for my new release newsletter for EXCLUSIVE discounts and a free story available ONLY to subscribers! It only takes a moment, is totally free, and is guaranteed to save you money on a few stories of mine every month!

At any rate, if you’re itching to read a tale about two gorgeous babes slowly dominated by a completely powerful male, look no further than “Billionaire’s New Plaything,” which you can get RIGHT NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Power and Sexuality. These are the only two words that can describe Mason Clarke, the hunky billionaire and subject of my latest story. As a journalist, I’ve been sent to write about him. Quickly, I found his office is staffed entirely by gorgeous women, all totally dedicated to him. Clarke makes arousal tangible and makes me quiver with need. Even though I don’t want to end up just another worshipful follower of his, I can feel myself wanting him constantly; I can feel myself starting to give in. The only person who knows what I’m going through is his new assistant, Lily, but she’s even deeper in lust than I am…

By the end of this, I don’t know if we’ll be able to escape–and more than that, I don’t even know if we’ll want to.

For mature audiences only–this erotica tale (~20000 words) features a sexy young journalist and a hot secretary as they slide further into the dark, lusty world of a depraved billionaire’s endless desires!




Can I ask…how did the meeting with Joan go?”

A twisted smile appeared on his face. “I’m sure she would say it was…fulfilling.”

The blondes around Lily giggled, touching their breasts harder. Lily knew what was happening—she knewbut still her mind denied it. Her body denied it. Her everything denied it. Joan wasn’t into guys. There was no way it was happening.

Did she…I mean…did she see herself out?”

Clarke shook his head, smiling coldly at Lily. He would answer no more than what was asked.

Clarke leaned forward, staring intently at the swell of Lily’s supple breasts in her suit. Again, Lily heard muffled, almost dismayed, suckling sounds, this time clearly emanating from under his desk.

M-Mister Clarke, a-am I…” Lily gulped. “Am I interrupting something? Ought I to leave?”

What, because of her?” He pointed downward. “No. She is less good at this than I would have hoped. It has been sometimes since I’ve experienced such a purely virgin mouth. I thought the uniqueness of the experience would lend it some zest, but frankly?” He tsked. “I think I prefer expertise.”

Roughly, then, he stood up and ripped the poor girl off from his cock. She collapsed to the floor behind him. It was only now that Lily got a good look at her…



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