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“Lust Fever: The Bundle” – Guess what I’m advertising today?

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Hey hi hi hiiiiii everybody! Big news today. Fan favorites “Lust Fever,” “Lust Fever 2,” AND “Lust Fever 3” are all out now in a brand new bundle. No matter WHEN you buy it, this hot bundle will be a steal, netting you at LEAST three stories for the price of two, and probably better than that depending on my mood at the time.

These stories are all about returning to our hot, primal biological roles. Men are big, hulking alpha studs who don’t care anything about propriety, and simply want to fuck, impregnate, and own every woman they come across. Women, meanwhile, return to their natural state of bending to the will of every big-dicked, creampie-loaded man they meet, serving him any old way he wants just to get his perfect gooey load shot up inside her hungry womb. This bundle features all kinds of kinks: virgins and first time sex, pregnancy, impregnation, breeding, group sex creampie, body transformation (including tit and cock growth), bimbofication/sluttification, uncontrollable lust, mind control, and SO MUCH MORE! Pick it up today!

“The Quarterback Forced Me” – New erotic story for your pleasure!

Available at Amazon!

Hello hello hello all you wonderful folks out there! I’ve got GREAT news for you today, because today I have a BRAND NEW story that’s ready for your enjoyment (and it’s available on Kindle Unlimited!).

This one is a sexy little diddy about a teenage college hipster beauty who becomes completely obsessed with a total billionaire quarterback stud. Her obsession was a secret she kept to herself for a LONG time, but circumstances work against her and she ends up owing the hunky quarterback BIG time.

Of course, being a hunky quarterback stud, he only takes his payment in one form–by impregnating her hot, virgin, fertile body. But, when he finds out how GOOD she is at pleasing him, he wants her more than ever, and isn’t interested in only taking his payment one time, if you know what I mean…

This story is perfect for any fans of noncon, dubcon, alpha males, virgins, creampies, impregnation, bareback, barely legal, and much MUCH more.

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SO! If you’re in the mood for a super hot billionaire stud tale, make sure to check out “The Quarterback Forced Me” today!


He wanted my body, no matter what I said…

I’ve crushed hard on Pace since I first saw him. Tall, vicious, built like an Adonis, and so hot he makes my panties melt—he’s the definition of bad news. Even though I’m practically his stalker, I’ve been careful to stay away. 
Until tonight. He caught me accidentally running over his prize motorcycle. And he wants to be paid back through the twisted, depraved use of my fertile body. 
My desires are so dark that I’ve never shared them with anyone—and that means I’ve never known the touch of a man before. But, Pace doesn’t care. And he doesn’t care if I want it or not. He knows what women really want—knows what makes me so wet I have to moan with lust. He wants me filled, and he wants to put his heirs inside me. It’s easy for a stud like him. 
Because all Pace really cares about is owning me for his pleasure and making me another trophy…until I prove that I can please him better than any other woman he’s had. 

Disclaimer: This book features some trigger points for certain readers, including dubious consent. The alpha quarterback doesn’t know how to turn off his lust, and he won’t stop until he gets what he wants.



“I’ve seen you around campus, I think,” he says. “Haven’t I?”
Again I nod. “It’s possible. Anything’s possible. There’s not that many students.”
“There’s enough to see someone and never see them again. I guess we have similar schedules, huh?”
Fuck, does he know? Does he know? After how careful I’ve been. After all that time I spent trying desperately to make sure that I just wouldn’t be caught, wouldn’t be trapped in a situation just like this, does he know anyway?
He keeps the heater on but turns the car’s lights off. “This thing is a piece of shit. What’s a pretty girl like you driving such a piece of shit?”
I just giggle and twirl with my hair. “I don’t know.”
Did I mention he just called me pretty? Because, um, I think I can die of orgasms right here and now.
He took a breath, measuring me. Everything about him was perfect, handsome. I can see his abs flexing and re-flexing, his pec muscles so sharply defined and perfect beneath his jacket. My hands twist at my stupid tight, totally soaked tee shirt. It occurs to me for the very first time that he can see straight through my top and my nipples underneath. They’re big and pointy, hard enough now from my excitement to just cut through glass. I’m breathing hard and my lips are wet and god, god, his bulge just moved again.
Because of me. Because he’s in the car with me. I can’t think straight. Not enough oxygen is getting to my brain. It’s all flooding in the blood that’s going to my errogenous zones. Like I give a fuck. My brain can die right now so long as I taste his cock.
No. No.
No, no. I don’t want that. He’s a pig. An awful horrible pig. He probably kicks puppies for fun and breaks up long-term relationships because he thinks it’s funny, and why the fuck does that do nothing to stop how fucking turned on I am?
“I’m going to make you a deal,” he says. “I can ruin your life pretty much whenever I want, can’t I? By telling the dean about this. Telling anybody, really, about how you fucked up my car and that you were drunk when it happened.”
I gulp. “Yes. You can.”
“So.” With no flourish, no pageantry, he unzips his pants and pulls out his cock. “Suck me off, here and now, and I’ll think about not doing just that.”
His cock, thick and hard, is already weeping precum. It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I’ve been stalking Patrick for at least six months now. Up close, in this confined space, there is no getting around the indomitable fact of his gigantic cock. I can’t stop my body from lurching forward, like we’re on some deep sea cruise, and the only thing that saves me from impaling my mouth totally is that I’m wearing my seat belt.
“You want it,” he says. “I can tell you do. So do yourself a favor. Suck my cock. Give yourself what you want, like a good girl. Know your place and put your mouth to work.”
I whimper. “I just…I…I can’t. I’ve seen…I know what you do. You…use girls. Forget them. Fuck and abuse them. And…and…”
Me talking about what he did clearly aroused him…

NEW threesome story now available! “Bareback Threesomes: 2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules.”

Hello hello hello! Three hellos for the hot THREESOME story that I’ve just released, “Bareback Threesomes: 2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules.”

This story was just WONDERFUL to write. I’m a big fan of stories about married couples finding their special third partner, and I’ve wanted to write  a story like that for a long time. In this tale, Anne is a gorgeous big-breasted young pregnant wife who is absolutely dedicated to her husband, Peter. Peter is a typical alpha male, and is worried that his incumbent child will ruin the fun that he and Anne used to have. So, Anne, being rather devious, recruits her best friend, fitness freak Tatiana, into having a threesome with her and her husband.

The twist (if it is such a thing) is that Peter is awfully dominant…and Tatiana is awfully submissive. She’s been fantasizing about being with these two for a long time, and she can’t do it unless it’s something more serious than a one-time fling to sate Anne’s ego. This hot story features bareback sex (surprise!), impregnation, pregnant sex, bdsm, master-slave relationships, bisexual seduction, and much MUCH more!



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So, IF you are interested in a scintillating tale of a big-titted pregnant babe doing EVERYTHING she can to please her husband, check out “Bareback Threesomes: 2 Women, 1 Man, 0 Rules” today!

SO! If you were a fan of the other Bimbo Costume stories, OR if you are a fan of just brilliantly done perfect bimbo transformation stories (if I may be so humble), then check out “Bimbo Costumes 3!” TODAY!

Here’s the official blurb:


The buxom young beauty couldn’t stop giggling…she was soooo turned on…

When five sexy young men and women head out to a cabin in the middle of the woods, there’s always bound to be some kind of naughtiness. In this heart-pumping erotic tale, the cabin-goers are stalked by a monstrously endowed, hugely muscular beast of an alpha male! But this alpha giant doesn’t want to hurt the travelers—he wants to transform every last one of them into gorgeous, big-breasted, giggling bimbos designed exclusively for his pleasure. Inside the spooky cabin are hot, transformative costumes, made exclusively to change women AND men into sexy bimbofied angels, devils, ballerinas, and more!
The travelers must act fast if they want to discover their secret connection to this gargantuan hunk and unravel the erotic tapestry they find themselves caught in. But, with their bodies transforming so quickly, and the pleasure so overwhelming from the endless oral, group, and breast-centered pleasure delivered from the massive hunk (and their own huge overflowing cups!), they may never want to leave the cabin at all…




She started pulling him in. Oh god, oh god! Fletcher, despite his wild dreams, had not expected this. He was going to kiss a girl. He was going to kiss a hot girl.

The kiss was like magic. Her lips slid over his, and soon they were trading tongues, her hot chest pressing hard on his. Her bare legs slid upward, and soon her thighs were gripping down onto his.

Her hand slid over his cock, through his pants, she gripped him eagerly, readily making him hard. God, how was he hard already? She was some kind of magic. His hands felt so strong as he gripped her around her tiny waist.

Easily, expertly, she unloaded his heavy cock from his pants.

“Oh my god,” she giggled, rather pleased. “You’re so big.”

“R-really?” he asked.

“Mmhmm. I love big cocks on guys…”

Fuck, that was nice. What an ego trip, a babe like this appreciating his cock. Her strokes were so thoughtful and slow. He’d always thought he was pretty hefty, but to hear an empty-headed babe like this tell him…there was no way he could deny she was telling the truth. Everything she said sounded too sincere…












HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I just LOVE this time of year, and I hope you do too. And if you don’t, well, here are TWO very good reasons to love it! FREE STORY BUNDLES! HOOOORAAAYYY! Click on the images above to grab them at Amazon!

So, “The Perfect Gift Bundle” is a series all about a magic crystal and the naughty family members who use it for their own erotic desires on their daughters and sisters! It features hot threesomes, VERY taboo situations, and sexy hypnotic inductions!

“The Paranormal Pleasures Series” is a group of three stories I released waaaaay back in the second quarter of this year, all about a gorgeous BBW who is somehow immune to the mind-controlling fucking of an alpha stud werewolf. There’s witches, crazy hot harems, huge orgies, body transformation, and much MUCH more!

That’s all for me right now–look for a NEW Bimbo Costumes story out this weekend!

New three-story bimbo bundle out today! “The Maid For Service Bundle 2″

That’s right, you beautiful people out there! This bundle is JUST for you! It includes all THREE stories from the second half of the “Maid for Service” saga. What do these stories feature, you might ask? Oh, nothing much, just bimbo transformation, mind control, orgies, group sex, harem gathering, sluttification, creampies, breeding, impregnation, blackmail, homewrecking, all manner of every dirty sex act imaginable, and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Okay, so “nothing much” was not entirely true. TOO BAD. It’s full of awesome things! Go pick it up now!

Midweek (Nympho)MANIA! One free story, one discount bundle!










Hello hello all you wonderful, wonderful people! Today I have TWO very special deals for you. These stories feature threesomes (all manner of group sex, actually!), bdsm, mind control, domination, submission, bimbos, hypnosis, hot studs, hotter babes, and much much more! Click on the pictures above to grab them at AMAZON! The Hypno Casino story is FREE, and the bundle is JUST 99 CENTS!

The first is a sexy little short called “Hypno Casino: Uncovered.” It’s all about a trio of supermodels who arrive at the mysterious Shining Spiral Casino. Very quickly, they find themselves under the same spell as everyone else who arrives–and give the owner a new super-sexy harem of eager fuckslaves!

The discounted title is “Mesmerized! A Nine Story Mind Control Bundle.” Now, the title is a bit obscure, but this is indeed a bundle of nine stories featuring mind control! I believe the majority of these stories are all listed at $2.99 on Amazon, so getting them for 99 cents is just PENNIES per story!


These deals are for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! So make sure you jump on them right away!


NEW STORY! “Paid & Laid: My First Time”

Out TODAY for all of you fine wonderful folks is my newest story, “Paid & Laid: My First Time.”

So, this is a sequel to “Paid & Laid: The Job Interview”…sort of. It’s not a continuation of Shannon’s story, but rather Jefferson, one of the lucky businessmen from the previous story who is super rich and super hunky all at once. Our main character this time is Colette, a down-on-her-luck stripper who gets fired from her job for owing her slimy boss too much money.

Luckily, Jefferson will take care of all her problems…for a price. She has to spend a week with him in Maui (not so bad!) and do EVERY last thing he says…including lots of sex. Handjobs, blowjobs, threesomes, sex with strangers, public sex…Jefferson wants her to do it all. It wouldn’t be so offputting, except that Colette is a virgin…and her Daddy fetish is SERIOUSLY activated by Jefferson! They’re not related at all, but Colette can’t get rid of the feeling that Jefferson is the one who she’s been waiting to call Daddy all her life.

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“Paid & Laid: My First Time” is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

“He would be the first one to ever be inside there…”

When I met Jefferson, I thought all my money troubles were over. I owed huge amounts to a violent criminal, and Jefferson said he would pay off all my debts if I vacationed with him in Maui and served him in every possible way.
Turns out, my troubles were just beginning…
As a busty, brand new adult stripper, I got a lot of clients, even though I had never had sex with anyone in my life.
But Jefferson was rich. Jefferson was handsome. He was domineering. He had a “way.”
I never knew the people who brought me into this world. But as a natural submissive, I couldn’t help but think of being Jefferson’s good girl, of thinking of him as the real Man of the House that I’d never had growing up…and I couldn’t help thinking myself filthy and dirty for doing so.
Our relationship was set to explode…but would it rocket us upward or tear us apart?



You don’t want my money?”

I already haveyour money.”

I referred to the advance he had paid me, of course.

And how long do you think you’ll have it if I decide you haven’t earned it?”

That stunned me for a moment. I started to babble a retort, and maybe even my acquiescence, but he interrupted me.

You know what? Nevermind.”

He walked back over to Nancy over, then, pulling me along with him. She slid up next to him and kissed him on the neck.

What do you need, Daddy?” she asked.

I want you to show Colette here how nice it can be to do right by me.”

Yes, Daddy. What would you like me to do?”

Stroke me off. Show her. Show her what I give you.”

Eagerly, Nancy pulled his pants down again and went to work...