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“The Lust Days 3” and “Babies for Bad Boys” now available!

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Hello hello all you wonderful erotica lovers out there! I’ve got TWO brand new releases to share with you today. First up is “The Lust Days 3,” which, as the title implies, is the sequel to “The Lust Days” and “The Lust Days 2.

So, each story in this series has to do with life surrounding “The Event,” which is a handy little macguffin that made every woman into a fertile, breeding, sex-obsessed, servile nympho bimbo and made every man into a huge-cocked, hyper-masculine, big-muscled virile stud. The first two stories were slices of life around The Event itself, people reacting to the changes happening. This story, though, takes place significantly after The Event, and explores what life turned out to be like for a particularly masculine stud named Thomas. He builds a harem, fucks as many gorgeous barely-legal virgins as he wants, impregnates, enslaves, and completely mind controls his new slaves with his phenomenal cock. Fun stuff!

Available At Amazon

ALSO! This week because of the holidays I’m releasing an extra-special mega bundle full of NINE hot stories, “Babies For Bad Boys.” This hot little bundle contains ALL the tales from the “Gang Heat” series, the “Virgin Heat” series, and the Gang Up novel. As the name would indicate, this hot bundle involves a LOT of bad boy hunks wanting to pump their chosen hot women full of their seed until they’re nice and pregnant forever.



So! If you’re looking for a nice shot of heat during the cold weather, be sure to check out “The Lust Days 3” or “Babies for Bad Boys” (or both!) today!



Here’s the Official Blurb For “The Lust Days 3”:

“You’re the King, Sir…You’ve Always been the King…”

After The Event, the world is changed. Each woman is lusciously beautiful and aching to serve beneath whatever man is strong enough to take her. The new Post-Event nympho woman loves to be fertile, sexual property, and adores serving her Man in every erotic way—including treating him to the delicious delights of her overflowing cups. And every man is now hyper-virile, hyper-masculine, and hyper-muscled, capable of making love for hours and needing to gather as large a harem as possible. The Ultra-Stud Thomas has a bigger harem than most other men, and discovers daily that he’s more capable of owning women than the other males near him. When a singularly gorgeous young woman—strangely immune to his virility—arrives at his doorstep, he discovers that she’s the key to understanding why he’s so much better than all the other males he’s come across…and why he deserves such a bigger harem than so many others.


Health care for Ina was easy enough—a shot of his cum cured every ailment known to man, and the milk from his other girls gave Ina plenty enough to eat. As for lodging—he gave Ina the offices to live in until she proved himself worthy to take home. In the meantime, she cleaned all night, leaving the office sparkling—actually sparkling—and shining when he arrived in the morning.

She was on her knees as he entered the building, head touching the ground. She wore a slinky white dress that her tits mostly spilled out from, a healthy puddle of milk beneath her. If no one cleaned the milk, it would evaporate after an hour or so, leaving the surface beneath it shinier and the air smelling like fresh fruit. A combination of milk and pussy juice was what she used to clean the office; it always smelled like her.

Vienna walked next to Thomas, sliding her ass against his hips, urging him to grab her between the cheeks and lift her in the air—which he did, just for a bit. All his girls were dressed in professional attire—tiny micro-mini skirts, daringly short jackets, and tight sheer silk blouses that displayed their bouncing cleavage and the ornate jewelry he decorated them with.

Stockings were the name of the game for Thomas on most days, and each of his girls dressed to impress—Vienna going with daring, if predictable, fishnets, which looked Hayleyr on her long dark gams. Hayley’s were bright white and had cheery little yellow birds floating around them. Roxanne’s were smoky and dark, hot red hearts trailing down the sides. Ina hadn’t yet earned the right to wear stockings, but the dark brown skin she sported—a gift from her Middle Eastern heritage—made the long amount of leg she showed to be silky and smooth and utterly inviting.

Just half a year before, Thomas would have eaten from a garbage can to simply talk with a beauty like Ina for five minutes. Now, she patiently crawled after him and his attendant fuckslaves, whimpering, silently wishing to even be able to suck on the finger of her Master while his other girls worshiped his cock…



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Awesome news! A hot new bundle is available for you!

Out NOW and ready for your consumption is the newest hot bundle put together by Scarlett Skyes, proprietor of Shameless Book Deals, “Submit to the Man of the House.

I’ll let the official blurb do all the talking:

The brats in these stories are about to give up their most carefully guarded treasures for flaunting those perfect little fertile bodies in front of the men of their houses. When these men decide that it’s time for the little princesses to give them an heir, it’s going to happen just the way they like it. Hard, unprotected and all night long even if it is the brat’s first time. 

Sick of boxed sets full of stories you’ve already read before? You’ll love this. This bundle features ten EXCLUSIVE stories that you will not find anywhere else. Not only that, but once you’ve finished reading them, you can get all ten direct sequels FREE, exclusively with Shameless Book Deals. Instructions within. 

The Authors: With one contributor having ranked at #1 out of all erotica authors (beat that!), this bundle features some of the hottest writers the genre has to offer. Once you have this set, you’re going to want some time to yourself and a fire extinguisher, because the heat levels are off the charts on this one!


Sounds awesome, and I know I’m picking up a copy and taking advantage–I suggest you do the same (and I’m not even IN this amazing bundle)!


“Owning My Boss” – A Hot New Mind Control Erotica!

Hello all! Today I’ve got a brand new story out for you, “Owning My Boss.” This one is a lot of fun and gets very dirty and erotic.

This is the second story in the “Bareback Trance” series, which started with “Owning My Co-Worker.” In this sexy set of tales, a lucky young man–Victor–finds that whenever he fills up a hot babe with his masculine load, she goes into a deep, hypnotic trance. His thoughts become her thoughts. His wants become her wants. His will becomes her will.

The first story was Victor testing the limits of this power, and thoroughly enjoying his new abilities with the gorgeous young Mallory, who he is quickly falling in love with (and of course, his thoughts are her thoughts…). But Victor is getting greedy. He works with the sexy, tiny Lori, and the gorgeous, busty Dawn, and his statuesque, posh ex-girlfriend Audrey keeps snooping around, and then there’s Minjee, the hot Asian graduate student who seems to genuinely want to flirt with Victor…

It’s too much for a man with a power like his to just ignore. So he starts to try to spread his tendrils of influence. But every action has a consequence, and these girls have their own lives that he’s interfering with and co-opting. It’s a hot, fun little foray into the erotic nature of power and control!


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SO! If you’re interested in a hot new mind control erotica, make sure to check out “Owning My Boss” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

“You’re so right, Sir. You should be in charge from now on.”

Just a few days ago, Victor was a regular guy. Then, after one lucky night with a sizzling hot young babe, he found out that when a woman tastes his manly seed, she goes under a heavy trance. With this power, he can make the gorgeous women in his life do or even think anything he wants. His every filthy, wicked, erotic wish is their command.
But with his lust for power taking over his better judgment, he’s not being discreet. More and more people are asking questions that he just can’t answer. Questions about his new girlfriend—or is girlfriends?—and their gleeful, public sexual obedience. Questions about their open hopes for carrying his unprotected load in their fertile bodies.
Rather than taper back, he ramps up the offensive, and starts to take down everyone who stands in his way to absolute power…including his terrifically hot boss, Dawn! But Dawn is a lifelong lesbian and ardent defender of women’s rights. If a normal guy like Victor wants to completely rewire her feminist brain for mindless service to his meaty member, he’ll have to completely abandon any moral fiber he once had. Endless erotic pleasures and a happy harem of servants await him, but he’ll have to sell his soul for the privilege.



When they were both somewhat under, I popped open the vials and let them have it. They drank eagerly, treating the thick substance like nectar to their souls. My cock, even after the massive undertaking it had just been through, twitched as I watched them take me in. Slowly, their eyes became absolutely white. Whiter than I had ever seen them before.

Now, girls,” I began. “You’ve both been very good.”

We’ve been very good.”

I remembered what Lori said, about not understanding her feelings toward me.

And you love feeling the way you do about me.”

We love feeling the way we do about you.”

It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not.”

It doesn’t matter if we understand it or not.”

All that matters is feeling good and doing what I say.”

All that matters is feeling good. And doing…what you say.”

Good. I hoped that would clear up any potential messes before they started. How little I knew. My messes hadn’t even yet begun.

You love each other so very much.”

We love each other. So very much.”

The sound of their voices operating in tandem was hot beyond belief. Their tones matched one another, and I know that, even as they repeated the instruction and made it a part of their mental core—they were hearing that same instruction again from the other girl, hypnotizing them even further.

I’m your Master.”

Mallory hopped on this easily, of course. “You’re our Master.”

Lori struggled. “You’re our…”

I moved Mallory’s mouth over to Lori’s, and repeated, more emphatically now, “I am your Master.”

You’re our Master,” Mallory moaned.

This time, Lori moaned and said it too