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NEW STORY! “Paid & Laid: My First Time”

Out TODAY for all of you fine wonderful folks is my newest story, “Paid & Laid: My First Time.”

So, this is a sequel to “Paid & Laid: The Job Interview”…sort of. It’s not a continuation of Shannon’s story, but rather Jefferson, one of the lucky businessmen from the previous story who is super rich and super hunky all at once. Our main character this time is Colette, a down-on-her-luck stripper who gets fired from her job for owing her slimy boss too much money.

Luckily, Jefferson will take care of all her problems…for a price. She has to spend a week with him in Maui (not so bad!) and do EVERY last thing he says…including lots of sex. Handjobs, blowjobs, threesomes, sex with strangers, public sex…Jefferson wants her to do it all. It wouldn’t be so offputting, except that Colette is a virgin…and her Daddy fetish is SERIOUSLY activated by Jefferson! They’re not related at all, but Colette can’t get rid of the feeling that Jefferson is the one who she’s been waiting to call Daddy all her life.

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“Paid & Laid: My First Time” is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

“He would be the first one to ever be inside there…”

When I met Jefferson, I thought all my money troubles were over. I owed huge amounts to a violent criminal, and Jefferson said he would pay off all my debts if I vacationed with him in Maui and served him in every possible way.
Turns out, my troubles were just beginning…
As a busty, brand new adult stripper, I got a lot of clients, even though I had never had sex with anyone in my life.
But Jefferson was rich. Jefferson was handsome. He was domineering. He had a “way.”
I never knew the people who brought me into this world. But as a natural submissive, I couldn’t help but think of being Jefferson’s good girl, of thinking of him as the real Man of the House that I’d never had growing up…and I couldn’t help thinking myself filthy and dirty for doing so.
Our relationship was set to explode…but would it rocket us upward or tear us apart?



You don’t want my money?”

I already haveyour money.”

I referred to the advance he had paid me, of course.

And how long do you think you’ll have it if I decide you haven’t earned it?”

That stunned me for a moment. I started to babble a retort, and maybe even my acquiescence, but he interrupted me.

You know what? Nevermind.”

He walked back over to Nancy over, then, pulling me along with him. She slid up next to him and kissed him on the neck.

What do you need, Daddy?” she asked.

I want you to show Colette here how nice it can be to do right by me.”

Yes, Daddy. What would you like me to do?”

Stroke me off. Show her. Show her what I give you.”

Eagerly, Nancy pulled his pants down again and went to work...


New mind control erotica – “Hypno Casino”

Out now and free for a limited time is my newest tale, “Hypno Casino!”

I had a lot of fun writing this story. I’m always a big fan of transformation stories where men become enormous muscular hunks and women turn into the kind of big-breasted fucking machines that can withstand the powerful thrusts and pistoning from these newly studly men. It’s even better if they enjoy their new, altered positions so much that they don’t care much that they’re being taken advantage of–all that matters is that the pleasure keeps rolling in. And when they’re as hot as these new babes and studs are, of course the pleasure will always keep rolling in.

The base of this story, though, is just about a young couple trying to figure out how to have fun. They’re so caught up with work that they’ve forgotten how to just let loose and love one another–which I think is something quite a few of us can relate to!

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At any rate, if a hot, hypnotizing trip to Las Vegas sounds like your bag, make sure to check out Hypno Casino!

Here’s the official blurb:

Overworked couple Jonathan and Rosie win a free trip to the Shining Spiral Casino and hope for a light vacation, but they are in for much more than they bargained for. All the men there are muscular studs, and all the women are beautifully busty babes. The entire casino is practically a temple to lust and temptation. As the young couple explores more and more hot encounters, they transform into lustier versions of themselves and become more in love than they ever have before!

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~11000 words) features explicit scenes of one couple’s complete lusty, hypnotized transformation into the ideal fantasy for any male or female!

“Shameless Stephanie” – New story, FREE for a limited time!

Out today for all of you wonderful folks and FREE for a limited time is my latest story, “Shameless Stephanie.”

I could probably, as you may have noticed, write stories with alliterative titles until the end of time. This story combines a lot of my favorite kinks. One is a (shamelessly) seductive, sexy babe using her looks to get whatever she wants, free of repercussions. The other is that same kind of girl falling under the complete control of a strong, dominant male. And while those two kinks may seem at odds with each other (and I suppose they are), with the power of hypnotic devices, all things are possible!

All things, including the hypnotizing of said beautiful babe in a very public place, leading to her very public and very humiliating deflowering when a man has had enough of her constant manipulations.

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So, if a hot babe learning some humility after abusing the privilege of her natural good looks for too long sounds like a hot time for you, then make sure to check out “Shameless Stephanie,” available now!

 Here’s the official blurb:

Able to use her extensive beauty to seduce any man she wants, the luxuriously sexy Stephanie thinks she has the whole world in her grip. But then her boss, Harold, uses his mysterious metronome on her in a crowded mall food court. In front of all those people, Stephanie finds she can’t refuse anything that Harold says—no matter how filthy or erotic!

For mature audiences only—this erotic short (~6500 words) contains explicitly sexual scenes of a hot, haughty beauty exposing herself in a very public place!