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“Gang Up: A Bikerland Novel” — A hot steamy erotic romance novel for you!

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Hey hey hey everybody! Out for all of you TODAY is my newest tale, “Gang Up: A Bikerland Novel.

This hot little NOVEL-LENGTH tale combines the three tales from the “Bikerland” series–“Overload,” “Lust War,” and “The Big Gang Theory.” As such, it is chock FULL of raunchy action–including plenty of man-woman, woman-woman, and man-man-man-woman-man-man-man action. And don’t worry, there’s a real story beneath all the steamy parts that’s sure to keep you reading till the end! **********************************************************************************************
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So! If you’re in the mood for a VERY erotic romance, check out “Gang Up: A Bikerland Novel” today!



In the post-apocalyptic town of Temple, a war brews between two armies of savage hunks

The mountainous, rugged Brall and his wasteland biker gang, the Cauldron, own their women totally—no questions asked or tolerated. His methods are brutal; his desires unquenchable. The latest volunteer to be “indoctrinated” into the Cauldron is the sassy, full-figured Abigail—who already belongs to the Cauldron’s biggest rival, the Family. Indoctrinating her would spark a gang war, but the Cauldron aims to own every beautiful woman they find, and just can’t turn her away.
But Abigail has her own plans. She’s in love with Brall’s rival, Case, the young stud gang leader who just happens to be her stepbrother. Abigail will do anything to make Case jealous. Their love is so taboo, she has no choice but to give her body up to the mammoth Brall and his overwhelming brutal passions to spur Case to act on his possessive, forbidden lust.
Complicating everything, Abigail’s insatiable need for Case’s attention drives a wedge between herself and her beautiful best friend, Robin—who’s in the midst of an uncontrollable love affair with Brall! After a sinfully short tryst, the disastrously gorgeous Robin and the ripped, dangerous Brall know they belong together—their lust-laden love is true and unquestionable.
But incriminating secrets spring from the town like shadows in a canyon, and the war between their rival biker gangs has ripped all four forbidden lovers apart, maybe for good. In a town dominated by men and violence, it will take all of Abigail and Robin’s wit and wiles to bring back peace—and to reunite with the men they love.




God, but he wanted her! She was dressed only in a small shirt and panties, her body looking small and defenseless. Her legs drawn up against her chest. They had stripped her, he realized. Perhaps made her dance or serve them in some way. He was suddenly glad he had killed one of their number in the battle; that his men had killed more.

She stared up at him with lust in her eyes, heavy lips parted just slightly. Her tongue slid slowly along her bottom lip, wetting it. But she waited for him to speak first.

How did you come to be here?” he asked her, kneeling down. Even then, he was still much taller than her.

It was an easy thing to undo her bindings. Just metal. She was not strong enough to break them with her hands, but he was. They were tossed aside like foil.

He wanted me—Troy did—in the most heavily guarded area he had. Did you come for me? Did you want me back?”

In her eyes he could see the desperate need for validation. That their feelings were real—that she wasn’t making it all up as she went along. He knew the look because he had it himself.

But instead he said, “I wanted the water. I want the town.”

And I want you. Desperately.

Disappointment showed on her face. “I thought perhaps…” she shook her head. Looking down. “Never mind. I suppose you wouldn’t want me at all anymore, after what they did to me. That was the the purpose of it. Even I know that. To claim me.”

Brall shifted. “And did they claim you?”

They tried. They took me, that’s for certain. I fucked every last one they brought to me.”

He noticed then, all of a sudden, that he was alone with her. All the fighting and thickness of battle and then quiet and now he was in this small alcove, hidden in a cave with the one woman he wanted.

She waited for his judgment. He did not know what he thought about that—so many other men having taken her before he could. Taking her virginity—that virginity he had wanted for himself. That bliss of exclusivity, knowing she would only ever be his, past, present, and future.

It struck him, looking at her sitting across from him, how little he actually knew about this beautiful young creature…


DOZENS of hot erotica titles for FREE!

Hello all, and welcome to my own personal SEXTOBER! Recently, I added almost ALL of my titles to KDP Select, which means two things for you wonderful people out there:

1. If you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read ALMOST EVERY TITLE I HAVE WRITTEN for free.


I’m so excited about this–I LOVE my fans and I’m so happy that they’re going to have easier access than EVER BEFORE to the words I so happily want them to read. So, without further ado, here are just SOME of the titles I have free RIGHT NOW!

These feature (some with all of these, some with just one or two): MIND CONTROL, TABOO/INCEST, LACTATION, BDSM, ROUGH SEX, BIMBO TRANSFORMATION, THREESOMES, GROUP SEX, and so much MORE!

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Bimbo Gym! A Fun Story just for you!

So! This is out now with a brand-new coat of paint on it. It is sort of a new story and sort of not; there is a bit of history to it. Perhaps you already know, but Amazon is the number one place where I (and other erotica authors like me) do most of my sales. Originally, I released this story as “Bubbles & Iron,” but it was put under the discretion of Amazon’s filter. I tried to “go with the filter,” so to speak, and released it again as “Fertile Babes Drink Shaped-Rite Shakes!” It was summarily blocked on Amazon. Welp!

Anyway, “Bubbles & Iron” wasn’t ever that great of a name, and “Bimbo Gym!” is a little bit clearer about what’s happening. Long story short, I am re-releasing this story on Amazon and on other outlets to give it another shot.

I honestly think it’s one of my better stories from last year–it has a rotating POV between a down-and-out loser, his stepsister, and his mother. They are all suffering from the loss of the head of the household; when the Bimbo Gym arrives, the mother is able to move on, and the son takes the lead as the new head of the household (with his newly-bimbofied stepsister gleefully adoring his cock as he does so). And he wouldn’t be any kind of a paterfamilias if he couldn’t breed like crazy, would he? Fun, fun, fun!

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If you’re interested in bimbos, taboo brother sister incest, bimbofication, mind control, lactation, nerds winning the day, breeding, creampies, or just good honest hard hot sex…you should definitely check out Bimbo Gym at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords as soon as you can!

Here’s the official blurb:

“Don’t I look pretty for you now, Sir?”

Every woman that goes to the new gym in town ends up as a giggly, big-breasted bimbo, and all the men turn into huge, sculpted studs. Alan, a dejected loser, tries to get to the bottom of the mystery, but soon finds that he’s surrounded by hot, willing women desperate to do anything he says! And what makes it even hotter is that formerly overweight Anne, the girl Alan has known his whole life, is now one of those gorgeous, willing, transformed women, eager to do what Alan says…

Can Alan resist? Does he even want to? (Probably not!)


It felt kind of empowering, walking around with a man like Iron. It felt like he wouldn’t walk around with just anybody. So when she walked around with him, it felt like she was someone who deserved to be walking around with him.

Kind of like how, if she got knocked up, she would be a girl who deserved to get knocked up by whatever stud put her down on all fours and shot his fat, hot load inside her . . .

Fuck! There were those thoughts again. It was all these men, she thought. All these hot men with their big muscles and bigger dicks swinging around.

It was just . . . Iron was so . . . potent. Everything about him just screamed man. Every muscle was so well defined, every bit of hair so thick. She bet his cock was . . .

She shook her head. She tried to focus on the women, instead, as Iron guided her through the cardio area. There were rows and rows of ellipticals, treadmills, stair machines, row machines,

Most every girl—and they were all girls, Anne couldn’t properly call any of the chatty, giggly long-haired temptresses she saw “women”—were incredibly endowed. Their frames all hourglassed with wide hips, tiny waists, and enormous breasts. Long hair coifed perfectly around their hot, eager bright faces, everyone’s eyes so chipper and alert. Even so, Anne watched these same eyes glaze over with heat whenever a man walked by, or an especially hot woman, or any time they took a chug from their shakes.


“Bang the Gang,” A New Story for YOU–and Other News!

Out now for all of you wonderful people is my newest story, “Bang the Gang.

This is a hot little number practically overflowing with hot biker outlaw studs, all of whom actually DO a little overflowing on our protagonist. If you’re wondering what the climax is like–look at the title, omit the article, and switch the words around. Probably, though, you already figured that out!

ALSO–“Billionaire’s New Plaything” is now released as “Billionaire’s Property” and will be available ONLY on Amazon for a few months. I apologize for any confusion!

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Also ALSO–I have a new bundle available for you! The entire “Paranormal Pleasures” series is now contained in “The Paranormal Pleasures Series” bundle (appropriately enough), which you can find HERE.

If a long story full of hot outlaw biker action sounds like your bag, baby, then check out “Bang the Gang” today!

Here’s the official blurb:
Young, lovely Stephanie is scared when she finds out her beautiful best friend Katrina has become involved with Slate, the leader of the outlaw biker gang known as The Devil’s Warriors. Even if he is a mouth-watering hunk, Slate is a bad, bad man, and Katrina has always been a good girl. But when Stephanie tries to interfere on her friend’s behalf, she finds out that Slate only works one way—HIS way. And he’s got a whole gang of rugged outlaws to make sure Stephanie and Katrina behave the way he wants.

For mature audiences only—this erotica tale (~20,000 words) features a pair of gorgeous young women having up-close and VERY personal experiences with an ENTIRE biker gang, all at once! The intimate encounters in this story include explicit sex scenes with several bikers having their way with the gorgeous gals, as well as the beauties engaging in sexy, seductive, intimate acts with each other!


I gave a token resistance, tugging backward every so often, moaning, yelping.. But I didn’t punch him, didn’t grab or bite him. I was just reluctant. Scared a bit, even. But my pussy was on fire, and somehow, I knew that Slate knew it was. He wanted to give me what I was made for, what I was born for. He wanted me to become the same sort of biker slut that he had already made Katrina into.

Easily, he swung open the huge barn doors and then tossed me inside. Then he closed the door behind him. There was a generator next to the door—he fiddled with it for a moment, and then it puttered on, powering the floodlights in the barn. It looked like…like a stage, almost. Like there was going to be a show.

And oh yes, there definitely was.

Slate put his hands on his hips, all authority. Get on your knees.”

Somehow, a new courage had found its way into my body.

I w-won’t! I won’t at all!”

He took off his belt. “Get. On. Your. Knees.”