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New Release! — “Bound to Obey”

bound to obeyOut today for all of you is my newest release, “Bound to Obey: A Dark Possessions Story.” This kicks off a brand new series for me, based on a sinfully gorgeous woman running an antique shop full of sexy artifacts that add heavy doses of erotic flavor to the lives of every person that takes an item home!

I just love bondage (in fact, I have a set of ropes from Twisted Monk that I can’t possibly recommend enough)–and writing about some fun light experimentation with rope is a lot of fun. There’s not too much of the more complicated, sexy rope stuff here (harnesses and so forth), just your basic bound wrists and arms, but I think it’s all this particular story needed for now to make it super sexy and hot.

One hot part of this story, I feel, is the geeky protagonist not only getting one girl of his dreams, but BOTH, and then putting them on a hierarchy according to how hot he thinks they are. So, one babe is recognized as superior to the other, and is able to boss around everyone…except for her Master, of course. I just find it so erotic when a sexy babe is so madly in love that she throws discretion to the wind, and treats everyone around her with some level of contempt, except for the Master she’s completely dedicated to obeying. His opinion, after all, is the only one that she really cares about.

Edit (5/17/13):

I’ve just found out this title has been recognized as so filthy and steamy that it is too hot for normal browsing in the Amazon store! If you haven’t heard about this sort of filtering already, something to note is that much of the hottest, smuttiest erotica on Amazon is put under a special filter that makes it a little bit harder to find. So, for the time being, if you want to read any of my adult filtered titles at Amazon (including Bound to Obey,  of course, but also Bubbles & Iron, Enslaving the Princess, Model Girlfriend, and The Billionaire’s Supermodel Slave), make sure that when you search for “Nadia Nightside” on Amazon that you are also selecting the “Kindle Store” or “Books” options in the drop down menu.

I realize this isn’t as intuitive as some may prefer, so I want to say how much I really appreciate you taking the extra effort to find those extra stories of mine and of any other authors you enjoy! We erotica authors are nothing without readers, so your diligence is thoroughly appreciated and will net you lots of delightfully sexy results–this filter is far-reaching, especially for some of the wilder kinks! Anything involving pseudo-incest, breeding, slaves, bondage, shifters, and much much more seems to be getting affected in one way or another, so make sure to get the best erotica for your buck, you are searching what will net you the most results!

In all, if you are totally turned on by the thought of hot ropes that make gorgeous babes completely submissive, and a young geek finally winning the day, make sure you check out “Bound to Obey: A Dark Possessions Story” at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords! Thanks for stopping by!


Here’s the official blurb:

Unappreciated and ignored, geeky teenager David feels doomed to never have sex. Even with being a nice guy to every girl he encounters, they still treat him like the loser he was branded as in high school. The love of his life, blond and busty Amy, won’t even give him a second thought, and the arrogant, exotic beauty Catalina—who is responsible for his standing at the bottom of the social ladder—humiliates him every chance she can get.

But that’s all about to change. A gorgeous shop owner at the new antique store in town, Possessions, has given him a mystical set of ropes that will give him total control over anyone he chooses. Soon, he has Amy wrapped and constrained, under his total control, falling deeply in love with him and calling him Master…and Catalina is next.

For mature audiences only! This erotica short (~11000 words) features scenes of intense enslavement, hypnotic inductions, light bondage (hot babes bound by rope), enslaved babes happily enslaving other beauties, and hardcore rope-bound blowjobs and penetration!


Finally, she heard thumps behind the door. It opened up to reveal…David.


He was shirtless, wearing sweatpants. Had he gained some mass recently? She remembered him being incredibly scrawny, but now he was more…wiry. Ripped, really.

“Hey, good lookin’,” he said with a smile. “You look ravishing.”

She rolled her eyes. Maybe he couldn’t see it behind her designer sunglasses, or maybe he could, she didn’t care. Of course she looked ravishing. She was Catalina. Could there ever be any doubt?

“Um, yeah, whatever.” Catalina was confused. “Where’s Amy? I thought she and I were going out shopping for shoes?”

“Oh, she’s up here,” said David. “Just follow me.”

Before going into the apartment proper, they had to go up a narrow stairway. She followed him up the stairs. His back was layered with thick muscles, like he had been spending the past couple of weeks lifting and constantly staying in motion.

At the top of the stairs, there was a flash of movement, and she felt something tight and soft slip over her arms, binding them to her torso. She looked down. Was that…rope? She squirmed, thinking it was some joke, but the ropes only got tighter and tighter. She couldn’t move her arms at all.

“What…what’s this?” Her voice had just an edge of panic.

“Hey babes,” came Amy’s voice. The delectable blond slid her face forward, resting it on Catalina’s shoulder. “I’m like, so glad you decided to come over.”

“Wha…what is this?” Catalina straightened up, trying to power out. “If this is a joke, I am not laughing. Seriously. I do not like this.”

Except…some part of her did. The ropes felt…good. They felt like they were sliding over more than just her skin. Her brain, maybe. Hot little warm thoughts slid over her skin and into her mind.

“This isn’t a joke at all, babes,” Amy chirped. “We’re going to enslave you!”

The achingly hot blonde giggled, pushing Catalina into the living room…



New Release! – Bimbo Dreams: A Female Designs Bundle

Out today for all of you is my newest bundle: “Bimbo Dreams!” This bundle combines my three latest releases in the Female Designs universe, including “Becoming the Perfect Wife,” “Hottie Housewife,” and “In the Bag.”

This whole series has been a great deal of fun to write, as it’s an interesting challenge as a writer to dream up hot new ways for an unsuspecting woman to happen upon magical clothing. Clothing, first of all, can be such a hot tool to made a woman into a complete decoration–whether it be high heels, a tight dress, sexy skirts and tops, or even gaudy jewelry. That kind of performance for any admirer is just made even more manifest with these clothes–turning women literally into a man’s wet dream: long-haired, big-titted, happy-go-luck fuckdolls that are gloriously eager to do anything they can to serve the needs of nearby men. Fun fun fun!

In other news, I’ve also recently started a tumblr! I’ll be using it to post random hot images that remind me of characters from stories or inspire me as I try and write more. You can check it out here! Thanks!

Later this week I’ll have another bimbo-tastic release and some exciting news about a free story, so make sure to check back!

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I do hope that if the thought of women being transformed into gorgeous sex-loving bimbos turns you on, you make sure to buy my new sensational bundle “Bimbo Dreams”, now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

Three delightfully naughty standalone stories from the “Female Designs” series are now available in one erotic bundle!

Becoming the Perfect Wife:

Natalie is a hard-working young woman, on her way to being a respected doctor at the local hospital. It’s going great until her boyfriend gives her an engagement ring from the new Female Designs store in town. As she stares into its pretty, hypnotic sparkles, she can’t help but wear it. Before long, she’s transformed from a serious-minded gal into a hot, bimbo babe of a wife, eager to please!

Housewife Hottie:

Layla, overweight housewife, has been feeling bored with her life lately, and has lost touch with her daughter Hilary, who is away at college. When Hilary sends laundry home for Layla to wash, the discontented mother soon realizes that Hilary’s new clothes are no ordinary clothes—they feel impossibly good, all the time, and are turning Layla into a man-hungry, perfect-bodied bimbo temptress!

In the Bag:

Abigail is tired, soaking wet from a rainstorm, and picked up the wrong luggage from the airport. But her day soon improves when she discovers the clothes in the bag she picked up somehow elevate her mood. They also give her a hotter body with bigger breasts, blonde hair, and a whole new attitude dedicated to happily serving men! Will she stop wearing the clothes before she becomes a total bimbo?


She stepped out of the shower, feeling wonderful, to the doorbell ringing. For a moment, she almost didn’t answer it—she wasn’t dressed, after all—but then she remembered how it was only proper for anyone who came by to see what a dynamite body she had.

Natalie’s body really was spectacular. If she wasn’t like, a super smart medical person, she would know it was totally silly for her to think that her hair had gotten more bright platinum blond, or that her tits had become even larger, or that her legs were more lusciously toned and long than the day before.

So, she kept the towel on, letting it grace her delightful curves. It clung happily to her wide hips.

At the door was Carmen, looking stunning. Her thick black hair was all teased out, falling in waves down past her back, and a short denim skirt and tight t-shirt—sporting a cute graphic of hearts and butterflies—was stretched out over her big tits. She looked every bit the eighteen year-old sex goddess that she was.

Her arms were gathered up under her tits, her face full of apology. Natalie felt fury rush through her, hot and vicious.


Carmen nodded sympathetically, her big eyes brimming with understanding and sadness.

“I know! I’m a total bitch,” the stunning teen said, right away. “I’m so sorry about what happened. Like, I get totally how you could be upset, and I feel so bad.”

She stepped close to Natalie. She smelled so wonderful. Like rich caramel.

“If you’ll let me in,” said Carmen, “Like, I’m sure we can work it out. That’s what Jake deserves—for the girls he likes to get along, right?”

What Jake deserves. Oh yes. Jake deserves so much.

No, wait, thought Natalie. Jake cheated. He deserved a good solid talking-to . . . but somehow, she was already nodding and guiding Carmen inside.

Natalie had to be a good host. If she was going to be a good wife, she would have to learn how to play hostess. Maybe Natalie wouldn’t be Jake’s wife, but she certainly would be someone’s. After all, a wonderful babe like her couldn’t stay unattached for very long…