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“Lust Fever: The Bundle” – Guess what I’m advertising today?

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Hey hi hi hiiiiii everybody! Big news today. Fan favorites “Lust Fever,” “Lust Fever 2,” AND “Lust Fever 3” are all out now in a brand new bundle. No matter WHEN you buy it, this hot bundle will be a steal, netting you at LEAST three stories for the price of two, and probably better than that depending on my mood at the time.

These stories are all about returning to our hot, primal biological roles. Men are big, hulking alpha studs who don’t care anything about propriety, and simply want to fuck, impregnate, and own every woman they come across. Women, meanwhile, return to their natural state of bending to the will of every big-dicked, creampie-loaded man they meet, serving him any old way he wants just to get his perfect gooey load shot up inside her hungry womb. This bundle features all kinds of kinks: virgins and first time sex, pregnancy, impregnation, breeding, group sex creampie, body transformation (including tit and cock growth), bimbofication/sluttification, uncontrollable lust, mind control, and SO MUCH MORE! Pick it up today!

A March Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









Click the images above to grab these naughty stories on Amazon!

Welcome to this week’s edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania! In honor of my recent hot mind control erotica “Owning my Boss” which features some sexy bimbofication, I thought I would make this week’s edition BIMBO themed! Like, totally awesome, right?

SO, “Bimbo Is Best” is a brilliant little collection of four–count ’em, FOUR–bimbofication novellas. What’s that you say? “Nadia, I get FOUR novella-length stories about my most favorite fetish in the world for just 99 cents?” THAT IS CORRECT. Get it!

The Bimbo Cheer” is a short, fun little story that I am a big fan of (you could even say I’m it’s cheerleader, haha). It’s about a sexy school that gets taken over by a magic cheer that turns all the females into hot bimbos and all the boys into hot studs. In other words, your average Nadia Nightside fantasy, and it’s FREE right now!

BOTH of these stories feature hot transformation/bimbofication/sluttification, mind control, tons of hot sex and female masturbation, tons of clothing fetishes, and much MUCH more. Check them out now!

Discount Edition of Midweek (Nympho)Mania!









Click the images above to find these stories at Amazon for just 99 cents!

I’ve got TWO stories available this week for you. BOTH feature mind-meltingly hot mind control tactics by super studs who want to control the bombshell babes in their lives…and wouldn’t you know it, later this week, I’m releasing the sequel to “Owning my Co-Worker“–“Owning My Boss”–which features some mind-meltingly hot mind control tactics by a regular joe who wants to control the bombshell babes in his life.

Maid Laid Bare 2: Milk Maid” is a hot bimbofication story featuring hot group sex, bimbofication/sluttification/bimbo transformation, lactation, breeding, impregnation, creampie sex, virgin sex, barely legal sex, and much MUCH more!

The Billionaire’s Love Potion” is a hot transformation story featuring a nerdy scientist who becomes the girl of her billionaire’s dreams, which includes all kinds of hot virgin sex, bimbofication, mind control, group sex, and tons of other hot action!

MIDWEEK (NYMPHO)MANIA! Two free stories!









It’s time once again for Midweek (Nympho)Mania! The sexy stories you see above (just click the images!) are available for FREE for a limited time this week, so pick them up now while you can! “Lucy Learns her Lesson” features a snotty, gorgeous brat learning how to behave like a proper lady when her Uncle takes her down a peg or two…and fills her up with his potent seed!

“The Curious Case of the Scientist and the Bimbo” is a sexy bimbofication tale that features a nerdy scientist transforming helplessly into a sexy bimbo who is absolutely sex-crazy! Soon, a studly, amoral billionaire finds out…and does everything he can to encourage the transformations!

Together, these stories feature hot mind control, wanton group sex, alpha studs, submissive babes, breeding, blowjobs, bimbo transformation, and so much more! Check them out today!