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New paranormal mind control story, FREE for a limited time!

Out today for all of you gloriously wonderful people is my brandest newest story, “Her Alpha, Unleashed.” This story is FREE until Thursday, so make sure you get it soon!

There’s something really romantic about instant attraction, of course. Two people being destined to be with each other—that’s pretty much the definition of romance! But there’s something just as hot and sexual about it as well, I think. If there’s only one person who can ever truly satisfy another person’s sexual desires, then that would have to lead to some pretty steamy sex!

That’s what this series of stories is exploring. William has some dark power hidden away inside of him for reasons he doesn’t know or understand. Elly is the same way—gifted with immense power that she has no idea exists. And it’s only when the two meet that this power is unleashed in an explosively sexual and erotic manner. They are true star-crossed lovers, and quickly enter a world full of dangerous, sexy individuals who want the power these two have for themselves!

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As always, if an erotically-charged tale of love at first sight combined with a bit of magic sounds like a good hot read for you, make sure to check out “Her Alpha, Unleashed” FREE until Thursday!


Here’s the official blurb:


Elly is only planning for a quiet night at the bar—then she meets William, and her life turns upside down. Their heat is instant and animalistic, and it’s not long before they’re lost in the throes of lust. But some ancient power hidden deep within the submissive Elly unlocks a similar power within William, and he’s turned into a hulking alpha stud! Was it fate that they met?

Soon, they discover the musclebound William is able to turn every woman he comes across into a mindlessly obedient servant—every woman, that is, except for Elly. For some reason, she’s the only one who can resist his power, and so becomes the only one who can tame his new dominating alpha nature.

Will she be able to able to deny her submissive nature long enough to find out how to return him to normal—and more than that, with him turning into her darkest desires come true, will she even want to?

For mature audiences only—this erotica short (~6000 words) features a secretly submissive babe finding that she was made to unleash an incredibly dominant alpha stud’s true nature through hard fucking and delicious blowjobs that are so incredible that she doesn’t even mind when he fucks other women!


“You’ve done something to me,” he said.

His voice had become monstrously deep, like there was someone else living inside of his body now. She noticed again how his muscles had become more defined, his body even more wonderfully ripped than before. It was pornographic just to look at the hard edges of his ass, his pecs, his triceps and biceps, all bulging with hot strength. His cock stood at full attention, presiding over Elly’s kneeling form like some king in a court.

He bent over, pulling her chin up with a single finger the size of three of Elly’s put together. He was like some animal current given form, some primal being, some force of nature.

“You’ve done something to me…and I’m going to thank you for it.”…