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New erotica out today–“Sexcretary”

Available At Amazon!

Hello all you wonderful erotica fans out there! I’ve got a BRAND NEW story for you today, “Sexcretary.” I don’t know, do you think the title is subtle enough? I’m hoping it can be made into a movie some day.

Anyway, this hot story is all about a down-on-her-luck businesswoman whose offered an amazing deal by a mysterious man–he promises to make all her clients utterly obedient. The thing of it is, he doesn’t exactly mention that he plans to make them all obedient to him, and that he plans on making the businesswoman his personal sextoy at the same time. Full of hot mind control, hypnosis, breeding/impregnation/creampie/bareback, barely legal teens, bimbofication/bimbo transformation, pseudo-incest (stepdaughter/stepmother), and much MUCH more–this thrilling erotica pulls no punches.


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So! If you’re in the mood for a brand new excellent mind control erotica, check out “Sexcretary” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

“Yes, Sir. I hear…and I obey.”

Delilah Korset has too many problems. Her business is failing, her clients are abandoning her, her marriage is stagnant, and those closest to her reject her outright. Then she meets Albert Stout, who promises he’ll fix everything with his mysterious computer program. Only, the way Stout fixes problems is to bend them to his indomitable will.
Stout’s magnificent computer program utterly entrances anyone who watches it. Soon, Delilah is erotically subservient, willing to please his masculine member all day long with her mouth or any other part of her luscious body. Soon, Stout enlists Delilah’s help to entrance her most gorgeous client, a beautifully fertile starlet who abandons her dreams of fame to devote herself to Stout’s pleasure. These lovely women are utterly devoted to adoring Stout and getting as pregnant as possible from his impregnating seed. Unless Delilah can fight his control, Stout will have Delilah leave her husband and bring in a young gorgeous woman she’s known all her life to worship Stout in his hot breeding harem.




The door dinged. Right away she could smell him—his scent was marked on her at this point. She had slept in a hotel last night so that her “husband,” Earl, wouldn’t get the wrong idea and somehow think he had a right to fuck her anymore. Because he didn’t. Not since her Master had so skillfully shown her that she was too good for him.

She could hear Robyn’s girlish happy giggles; she must have spent the night with Albert. Delilah sighed. That girl was so lucky. Delilah just wished she could be half as lucky—that she could encourage Albert to fuck her with the gusto that Robyn inspired in him.

But Robyn was younger and hotter, besides. It was only right and proper that Albert want to fuck her more. Delilah wholly accepted her place in her Man’s hierarchy of sluts.

It took her a moment to get ready enough to go out and meet him. She checked and double-checked her hair and make-up, attending to herself like a senior on prom night. There was no way—no way—she could possibly look under-dressed for Albert.

He was so fucking important to her. He was everything. She had already left her husband for him and had been on the phone the last two days with her lawyer, preparing the divorce.

When she walked to the front, she saw Robyn on her ass, sitting down and shoved up against the bottom of the desk. Albert fucked the young brunette beauty’s face with gusto, his face red from effort.

So, in the less than two minutes she had spent putting the finishing touches on her own beautiful face, Albert had decided that was Robyn really needed was a thorough skullfucking against a hard surface.

And skullfuck her he did. She was pinned completely beneath his weight, her legs splayed out and twisting through his. Heavy streams of precum ran down her face and into her hair, and she moaned, eyes glassy at being used so completely.

Robyn was dressed for the occasion, at least. She wore a tiny pleated skirt and tall knit stockings on her long, youthful legs. Her blouse was white and mostly unbuttoned, revealing a neon pink push-up bra underneath. There was no need for Robyn to do anything except for suck and enjoy as Albert fucked her mouth. His thrusts were furious and pounding, creating a continuous thumping sound as skull struck wood.

Good…morning,” Albert huffed. “How are you today, Delilah?”

She clasped her hands, feeling a soft happy thrill at hearing him use her name. As if her cunt wasn’t already wet enough from seeing him arrive and using one of his girls so easily, it was now even wetter…

A hot new story today – “Ruling His Hot Students.”

Available on Amazon!Hellooooo all you wonderful erotica fans out there. I’ve got a BRAND NEW erotica for you today (available on Kindle Unlimited), “Ruling His Hot Students.”

This sexy little piece is loosely inspired by JR Parz’s mind control classic, “Master PC.” In it, a young man finds he is able to control his hot sisters and high school babes with a program on his computer that makes him able to control them however he likes–including all their thoughts and physical attributes. My story is rather different–brand new characters, setting, plot, method of control, a whole different artistic universe altogether, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t use a chance to guide someone to read Master PC for the first time. “Ruling His Hot Students” involves a lucky man finding a hugely powerful artifact that lets him control the women around him however he likes (pretty familiar already), though he’s carrying a lot of guilt for changing these beauties, and himself, with such wholesale abandon.

How much guilt? Well, not enough that he doesn’t go hogwild with barely legal sex, virgins, group sex, harem gathering, bimbo transformation/bimbofication/bimboization, breeding/creampie/bareback, threesomes/menage, and so many more manners of mind control goodness.


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So! If you’re looking for a super hot time with a mega-erotic story featuring transformation and mind control, look no further than “Ruling His Hot Students” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

He could make her do anything he wanted.

Jacob is just a regular guy until he’s given a strange tablet with incredible god-like powers. He can change anything he wants about himself—transforming his average joe body into something that makes women cream just from walking by. And he can transform the women in his life however he likes—changing them from lesbian snobs into masculine member-worshiping, big-breasted, perfect-bodied lovepets with a flick of his finger. Soon, every hot babe he wants—including his delectably sexy students Phoebe and Gwen—are desperate to have him fill their fertile bodies and breed them silly. Even his wife Vivian, who is adamant about never being pregnant, is helpless to do anything but obey when Jacob uses the tablet to change her mind and her body to his liking.
But it’s not all fun and games. He’s found an object of great power, and a gorgeous immortal sorceress wants it for herself…and she’ll stop at nothing to make him pay for taking what she believes is hers.


As she approached Lawton’s office, something felt wrong. Intensely wrong, the kind of wrong that made her reach into her purse and wrap her hands around the little can of pepper spray she had waiting.

It was a sort of sixth sense she had; a sensitivity to danger, the kind of thing that had saved her skin more than once living in the city. She trusted this sense, and her guard was up.

Inside the door to Lawton’s office, she heard screams. Immediately, she flung the door open—and saw the love of her life getting plowed thoroughly by a powerfully muscular young man.

The screams were screams of pleasure. Phoebe was having the fuck of her life.

They didn’t seem to notice Gwen, and she didn’t utter a word. She was speechless at this erotic display. Phoebe’s blond, supple body was entire naked, sweaty, clinging to the man as if her life depended on it.

Yes, baby!” she moaned. “Oh fuck, yes, Jacob! Give it to me! Your dick is so big! Your dick is so fucking right, oh my god! I’m gonna cum, Jacob, oh fuck! Oh fuck, I’m gonna—gonna, oh…oh fuck!”

Gwen watched, her cunt suddenly and inescapably dripping wet, as Jacob—and when had he become so muscular and youthful?—drove her girlfriend to a mind-melting orgasm.

Jealously flooded Gwen; she had never seen Phoebe cum like that, with her mouth twitching in silent ecstasy, too much pleasure flowing through her body to even form words.

And even then he was not done with her. He bent her over on the table—twisting her lithe body effortlessly—and shoved himself into her from behind.

Fucking…fucking make you mine,” he grunted. “Make you what I fucking want.”

From the table, he grabbed a tablet, tapping and sliding.

The door shut slowly behind Gwen on its own. She didn’t notice. Her mind, her entire being, was too transfixed with what was happening before her. She knew she should be mad—and she was—but she was also fucking turned on. Gwen watched, her cunt dripping, fingers tugging at her shirt around her neck and reaching in to grab her nipples…

“Lust Party 3” is brand new and out right now!

Available at Amazon!

Hellooooo erotica fans! I’ve got a brand new story for you that I’m just SO excited about–“Lust Party 3.” This hot tale features probably some of your very favorite favorites–a hot young beauty mind controlled to be absolutely in love with alpha studs, huge cocks, her own gorgeously bimbofied body, breeding heirs for virile studs with her fertile curves, encouraging sex with barely legal virgins, and so much MUCH more!

This story concludes the saga of Morgan Malls for the time being. She’s been through quite the wringer, transforming from a stolid, serious reporter to a bimbo goddess and now…the moment of truth. Will she be a sober, quiet, research-driven professional forever, or will she toss all that away to let her mind become irrevocably obsessed with cock? You’ll have to read to find out!



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SO! If you’re ready for a crazy orgiastic orgasmic orgy party town time, make sure you check out “Lust Party 3” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

Everyone there was so turned on…and all because of her.

Beautiful young reporter Morgan Malls has been through the lion’s den and escaped…barely. She’s resisted the changes of her hot, transformed, new body and is determined to live a serious, sober life.
But more erotic temptations await her. The ability to become a sexual goddess once again is frightfully easy, and her mindblowingly sexy co-worker Colette is aching to see it happen. With Colette so hot and seductive, Morgan can’t resist for long. But if she gives in this time, it will be forever. She’ll be nothing but a sexy nymphomaniac with a mind full of nothing but sexual service to strong, alpha men. Every part of her mind will be dedicated to being a luscious, hot, fertile plaything for the hunkiest stud she can find, eager to be pumped full of heirs from his massive, virile member.
Because at the Lust Party, insanely good sex is the order of the day…and the party never ends.



She opened the door, looking down at the mat, expecting to see a package. Instead she saw a set of gorgeous white heels attached to an even more gorgeous pair of legs. A small pit of dread opened in her stomach, combating with the instant spread of arousal blossoming in her chest and pussy.

The legs slipped up into a tight, white minidress, the kind club sluts wore when they wanted to get laid fast, with little patches of open skin on the side and up the front revealing toned tabs and impossibly huge tits.

It was Colette. Her blond hair curled down one side of her impeccable face, bright blue eyes staring with predatory desire at Morgan.

Hey doll,” she chirped. She blew a big bubble of pink bubblegum. “Wanna go grab some young hungry cock to stuff our holes?”

Just a week before, Colette had been a firmly, fully confirmed lesbian. She had, in fact, crushed on Morgan for some time.

I…” Morgan gulped.

Colette was very attractive. Her tits were mouthwatering in that tiny dress, so amazing in their display. And Morgan, in her right mind, was not bisexual. But the elixir had woken something in her—something that didn’t care about man or woman, male or female, so long as there was sex involved. And with Colette, there was a lot of sex involved.

Come onnnn!” Colette took Morgan’s hands, inviting herself inside. “Let’s go! Get dressed in like, something cool like the other night, and let’s go have a ball! I’ll lick your pussy beforehand if you want.” She caught the look in Morgan’s eyes. “Or you can lick mine?”

Morgan shuddered, trying to block the hot image that gave her.

She summoned all her strength. “I think you should go, Colette.”

Really?” Colette clasped Morgan’s hands to her breasts. “You want me gone? You want these gone?”

Morgan gulped, feeling the heavenly warmth of the full, firm tits beneath her grip…


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But in other good news, I’ve got a BRAND NEW BUNDLE for you to check out! Check it out:

“I was so wrong to deny you, Sir…”

There are some men out there so powerful, alpha males so dominant, that they never wait for permission. When they see who they want…they take her, not waiting for a “yes.” 
These three scintillating tales each feature chiseled, virile studs who know exactly what hot women were born to do—get on their pretty little knees and serve thick, hard masculine members all night long. According to these hunks, women are made only to look hot and make heirs. That’s just the primal, biological, unavoidable truth—the one we all try to deny. 
When the men are this handsome and heavily muscled, dripping in panty-soaking musk, women want to be put in their place, want to be taken by these studs again and again and have their own hot, fertile bodies filled with unprotected seed. A billionaire quarterback who disciplines a hipster babe; a rich rock star who destroys a young co-ed’s love life just for his own amusement; a cocky professor who teaches a beautiful young feminist who should really be in charge—these men and their huge throbbing masts are the most powerful force on the planet, and they know there’s nothing that can’t be solved with brute force and a good rut.



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