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The Magic Words Sale starts today–and with it comes a BUNCH of free mind control stories!

Hello all you wonderful erotica fans out there! I’ve got some GREAT news for you today. I’m starting The Magic Words Sale–and today’s magic word is MIND CONTROL.

The Magic Words Sale is my way of giving back to all you wonderful erotica fans out there. Every two days, I’ll be unveiling a new batch of magic words and corresponding free stories–just for the best fans in the world. Check back often–there’s new sales all the time, and pick up stories fast–they’re free only for a limited time!

The following titles feature some or ALL of the following: mind control, hypnosis, bimbofication/bimbo transformation, barely legal sex, first time/virgin sex, breeding/bareback/impregnation, gang bangs, group sex, harem sex/harem gathering, sex slaves, incest/taboo relations, and much MUCH more!

Bimbo Casino - No Restrictions Bimbo Casino - No Way To Resist Bimbo Casino - No Protection Her Mind, His Control - Billionaire's New Plaything Her Mind, His Control - The Billionaire's Love Potion Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Best Friend Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Cheerleaders Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Bride bundle - best of 2015










































What’s the NEXT batch of Magic Words? To give you a hint–these stories use a LOT to get erotic.

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Also! Just so you know, I’ve got a BRAND NEW bundle out today.

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