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Maid Laid Bare–A new story for you!

Out today for all of you wonderful people is my NEWEST tale, “Maid Laid Bare.” This fun little romp is my own take on the time-tested sort of tales in which an impressionable young lady goes to work for a rich, handsome man.

In this particular case, though, the handsome man has a gorgeous wife and also a studly servant…and all three are very interested in how beautiful the new maid is. More than that, they’re all in on a plot by the handsome estate owner. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that if the billionaire stud has his way, then the maid is going to put on a lot more curves for about nine months!

Writing this sort of story is a lot of fun. There are some hints in here from old favorite genres of mine, most notably bimbo stories (the wife and servant sneak fertility drugs into the maid’s food, which make her breasts grow and make her a little too lust-addled to think properly).

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Anyway, if a hot maid being taken advantage of and transformed into a willing fertile servant sound like fun to you, make sure to check out “Maid Laid Bare” today! You can find it NOW at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords!


Here’s the official blurb:

“Get on your knees, or I get a new maid.”

Incredibly gorgeous but also incredibly poor, Claudette has never had a good run of luck in her life. Then, she is hired as a domestic servant for the enigmatic Mister Castle and his beautiful wife. For one year of completely obedient service, they’ll pay her one hundred and fifty thousand dollars—a dream come true. But Castle and his wife, along with their studly, tattooed assistant Terrance, soon draw Claudette into an erotic spiral of desires that become more and more depraved. Claudette finds out she was made to be a good girl, and good girls always do what they’re told…no matter how erotic or filthy the request.

They tell her to clean, and she cleans; no big deal. They tell her to dress sexy, and she dresses sexy; strange, but she can do it for the money. They tell her to perform sexual favors, and she’s in too deep; Claudette feels she has to do what they say. But there’s one last request—the Castles want an heir, and they want Claudette to give it to them.


Here’s an excerpt:

 After weeks of building up lust, his pent-up arousal finally boiled over, and Terrance had decided to take me for his own.

We were in the study. Strong and proud, he pushed me down onto my knees, my tiny lace outfit ripped apart by his big hands. The swirling tattoos on his ripped, hard arms and chest pulsed. His hands roamed all over my curvaceous body, feeling me up at his leisure.

The past few months had been too much for my morality. As much I knew I should resist, as much as I understood that I shouldn’t just let him have his way, all I really wanted to do was give in to his lusts and be everything that he wanted me to be.

All those skimpy, sexy maid outfits I wore. All those hot fishnets and little skirts. The cleavage-baring dresses and the sexy games of lingerie dress-up with the lady of the house—Terrance had watched all of it, and he wasn’t going to be content watching anymore.

But…but I had to save myself for marriage. I wanted to badly to be a good girl, a proper girl, even though everything about me looked like I was built for fertility and sex. My big breasts, my sexy wide hips, my long blond hair and big blue eyes…he could hardly be blamed for his lust taking him over when I had been teasing him so much.

“I’m going to give it all to you, good girl,” he grunted, yanking my hair hard.

My panties were soaked with lust and torn from his rough grasping. But still…I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t resist. Twisting, I slipped out from his grasp and pushed him to the ground. He stumbled down with a groan, banging his knees and head.

I turned and ran—the door was locked! Scrambling, I yelled and pulled at the door.

Finally it opened—I was saved! I rushed out, and straight into the arms of Mister Castle himself—the billionaire who owned the entire estate. The billionaire who had hired me as the maid.

“Oh, thank you!” I was breathing hard, my heavy tits crushed up against his broad chest. “Thank you, thank you!”

In my relief, I hadn’t noticed that he hadn’t said anything. I hadn’t noticed that he was completely naked, either, his enormously strong body completely ripped and stacked with concrete-like slabs of incredible musculature. And only dimly, after several moments, did I notice that his hands were pushing up my wet thighs and up toward my torn, soaking panties.

I looked up, terrified…and saw that he was grinning.

He’s the devil, I thought. The devil himself. I was completely in his grasp.

And it had me more turned on than I could have ever imagined.

There was still some resistance left in me, no matter how loud my submissive side cooed and moaned about how perfect and right this was.

I tried to back away—but I ran directly into Terrance, who pushed me down onto my knees before Castle. The estate owner’s enormous manhood was displayed before me. I could feel Terrance growing hard against my behind.

There was nothing I could do. There was nowhere I could run.

They were going to take me no matter what I said.