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The Magic Words Sale starts today–and with it comes a BUNCH of free mind control stories!

Hello all you wonderful erotica fans out there! I’ve got some GREAT news for you today. I’m starting The Magic Words Sale–and today’s magic word is MIND CONTROL.

The Magic Words Sale is my way of giving back to all you wonderful erotica fans out there. Every two days, I’ll be unveiling a new batch of magic words and corresponding free stories–just for the best fans in the world. Check back often–there’s new sales all the time, and pick up stories fast–they’re free only for a limited time!

The following titles feature some or ALL of the following: mind control, hypnosis, bimbofication/bimbo transformation, barely legal sex, first time/virgin sex, breeding/bareback/impregnation, gang bangs, group sex, harem sex/harem gathering, sex slaves, incest/taboo relations, and much MUCH more!

Bimbo Casino - No Restrictions Bimbo Casino - No Way To Resist Bimbo Casino - No Protection Her Mind, His Control - Billionaire's New Plaything Her Mind, His Control - The Billionaire's Love Potion Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Best Friend Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Cheerleaders Magical Mesmerism - Mesmerizing His Bride bundle - best of 2015










































What’s the NEXT batch of Magic Words? To give you a hint–these stories use a LOT to get erotic.

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Also! Just so you know, I’ve got a BRAND NEW bundle out today.

Available at Amazon!


You can pick it up at Amazon right now! It combines “Owned: The Secretary,” “Owned: The Boss,” and “Owned: The Rival” in one convenient bundle!


Brand new gang bang erotica – “Gang Heat: The Librarian”

Available at Amazon!

Happy weekend to all you wonderful erotica lovers out there! Out today and JUST for you is my newest story–“Gang Heat: The Librarian.

This newest series features a few similar themes in all its books (though each one will be a self-contained story)–a gorgeous babe harboring secretly submissive and slutty desires; a bad ass gang of alpha thugs who don’t take “no” for an answer; that entire gang banging that lucky lady all the same time; no protection (totally bareback sex!); rough sex with lots of marks left; and much MUCH more!

In this particular story, Lilah the librarian is beautiful and lonely, constantly musing on her heated fantasies about being forced to serve a whole mess of studs all at once. When she’s caught in a blizzard in her library with a gang of brutal bank robbers, these fantasies get put to the test…and then some!

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So! If you’re interested in a mega-hot story featuring one hot babe and TONS of chiseled hunks, check out “Gang Heat: The Librarian” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

All of these hard, alpha males…all at once.

Lovely librarian Lilah has dirty, secret fantasies that she wouldn’t ever dare to make come alive. The naughtiest, filthiest thoughts excite her endlessly—dropping to her knees before a gang of strong men, being passed around like their personal pleasure toy, learning from these brutal alphas that her status as a beautiful woman makes her eligible only to be violated endlessly to provide them with climax after climax deep inside her gorgeous body.
But these are all just fantasies, right? Even if they make her panties soaking wet.
That’s what Lilah thinks, until she’s snowed in at her library with a gang of chiseled, hulking, bank robbing criminals. They’re mean, they’re crude, and they would never use protection on her fertile young body. She tries to hide, but these rough, virile males know when a hot woman is nearby. They are born to dominate. She can’t keep away forever…and soon, it will be time to find out if all her forbidden fantasies live up to the mind-blowing reality of being used for pleasure by an entire gang of violent studs all at once.



It was not lost on her at all that only minutes before, this was exactly the kind of thing she had been fantasizing about. There was a world of difference for her, though, between fantasy and real life and the wants a person had between them.

In her fantasies, she was a sex goddess, able to take the largest cock with no problem, able to suck down dick for days and drown her body in floods of hot man cum.

In real life, that sort of thing would terrify her. She had no idea if she could take a huge cock in her body, and though she loved to suck cock, stuffing a big one down her throat had always filled her with some manner of apprehension. Luckily—luckily?—her boyfriends in the past had never been all that challenging on that front. Poor Harold had barely taken advantage of her desire to suck cock at all.

In her fantasies, she was a willing cumdump for any hot-bodied alpha male who came by. But Lilah had values—morals. She was a virgin, and she was saving herself for someone she truly cared about even at the age of twenty-two.

These men were clearly amoral maniacs, like a pack of wolves who would tear her apart at the first chance. If they found out she was a virgin, they might kill each other with the rush to strip her of her innocence…

“Lust Party” – the start of a brand new series!

Available at Amazon!

Happy day to all you wonderful erotica readers out there! I’ve got a brand new story available for you today, “Lust Party.”

This sensationally sexy tale is about a young hot-as-hell investigative reporter who (appropriately) investigates an enigmatic millionaire and his mysterious chain of sex parties at his mansion. When she arrives there, she finds a whole bevy of kinks awaiting her, including bimbofication/sluttification, mind control, creampie/bareback sex, group sex/menage/threesomes, gang bangs, and MUCH much more!

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Hey, super fan! Make sure to sign up for my new release newsletter for special, exclusive discounts and three free stories–available immediately(!!!)–that are available ONLY to subscribers! It’s free, takes only a few seconds, and saves you money on stories of mine every month AS WELL AS letting you have FIRST access to the Advance Review Copies (ARCs) that I send out for every story!

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So! If you’re interested in a mega-hot story about a crazy, out-of-control transformative orgy, check out “Lust Party” today!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

The men were so hard…and so ready to take her.

Morgan Malls is a sexy young reporter who’s fed up with the softball stories her editor throws her. So, when she gets a chance to investigate the hedonistic sex parties orchestrated by enigmatic millionaire Cal Braddock, of course she jumps right on it. 
But something very odd is happening at these erotic get-togethers. Via a secret serum, old people become young again, sexual desires become magnified by exponential degrees, and no one can keep their clothes on or their hands to themselves. Women become fertile, eager servants aching to please massive male members, and the men themselves become hyper-virile studs ready to fill every last creaming entrance they see…even if it’s multiple men ganging up to pleasure one woman at a time! 
Morgan is right in the center of this den of erotic sin, and to make it out with her mind and body intact, she’ll have to summon all the willpower she can muster. Because these parties aren’t just seductive and scintillating…they’re the Lust Parties, and everyone always has a good time.


Yes,” said Gloria, as if reading Morgan’s mind. “My first time, the drinks hit me very hard. I think your brain needs a few exposures for you to really keep up mentally. I don’t have any problem now. It’s all benefits, no fuzziness.”

Everything Gloria said was awfully fuzzy, and Morgan realized that the gorgeous blond was so very pretty that Morgan didn’t have to pay much attention. She could just look at her smooth tanned tits instead and admire the lovely turn of her chin and nose.

Somehow, time had passed and Morgan found herself on a nearby couch with Gloria lodged between her and the arm of the chair. With so little room, Gloria had to swing her long, tanned legs over Morgan’s. They both had really, really sexy legs, Morgan thought with smug approval. How fun was that.

Her eyes followed the happy, diamond-sparkly trail of Gloria’s legs up for several inches until the sight was intercepted by Gloria’s forearm. It led directly into Morgan’s pussy, where Gloria’s fingers had arrived and snuck inside.

Oh…” Morgan said.

It was really more of a moan than any actual verbage. Her pussy lips felt soft and wet—softer and wetter, indeed, than they had ever felt before—and it became easier and easier for her to spread her legs while Gloria fingerfucked her wildly. The tips of her fingers slid hard across that special spot at the top of her canal where the g-spot rested, and Morgan twitched with constant pleasure…