Their cups overfloweth with NINE free books…today’s Magic Word is LACTATION.

New additions today to The Magic Words Sale! The Magic Word for today is LACTATION. I love to write stories about hot babes with transformative milk that makes the men around them even more virile breeders than before–and today you can partake in NINE free stories that feature hot milk action!

The Magic Words Sale is my way of giving back to all you wonderful erotica fans out there. Every two days, I’ll be unveiling a new batch of magic words and corresponding free stories–just for the best fans in the world. Check back often–there’s new sales all the time, and pick up stories fast–they’re free only for a limited time!

The following titles feature some or ALL of the following: mind control, hypnosis, bimbofication/bimbo transformation, barely legal sex, first time/virgin sex, breeding/bareback/impregnation, gang bangs, group sex, harem sex/harem gathering, sex slaves, incest/taboo relations, and much MUCH more!

Bimbo Love - Bimbo Outfits! 0 Bimbo Love - bimbo outfits! 2 Bimbo Love - bimbo outfits! 3 Bimbo Pleasures - 1 - Heir Salon Bimbo Pleasures - heir salon 2 Bimbo Passion - heir salon 3 Maid Laid Bare 2: Milk Maid Maid For Pleasure - Maid Made Bare 3 Maid To Obey BUNDLE - MAid For Pleasure Bundle 2











































Act now, because there’s a new load of Magic Words coming soon and these stories won’t be free forever! As for a hint about the next round of Magic Words, well, let’s just say these stories are ALWAYS fertile with erotic excitement…


Also! I’ve got a brand new story out today–Lust Party 2!

Here’s the official blurb for this brand new hot tale:

All those men…all those huge packages…

Morgan Malls, sexy young reporter, has been utterly transformed into a sex-loving seductress bent on bewitching all her co-workers and friends into delightful depths of depravity. Her breasts are bigger. Her legs are longer. Her hair is shinier and more lustrous. Everything about her is more fertile and man-pleasing. She’s a real-life sexual goddess, and she loves it. The Lust Party has left her a hot, eager nymphomaniac, and she’ll do anything to spread this pleasure to others. 
But some of these “others” are concerned that Morgan’s new body and attitude (not to mention herinsatiable sexual appetite) are a turn for the worse. Her infatuated co-worker Colette and her hunky boss Lionel are both convinced that Morgan should keep away from the Lust Parties from now on. They especially don’t think she ought to pleasure an entire team of youth, stud athletes, and their unprotected seed, all at once. 
But the Lust Party is hot, unstoppable, and undeniable…and the party doesn’t ever end.

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